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Wai Linn's medical treatment was a success!

Wai Linn, the 1-year-old boy from Burma whose medical care you funded on Watsi, received surgery to treat his congenital corneal scarring and help restore his vision.

Wai Linn's surgery went well and he is adapting to his improved vision with gusto. His mother reports that when Wai Linn first returned from the hospital she would constantly catch him staring at his hands and playing with them. He is now able to see his toys and grab them when they fall, and is always wandering around and exploring.

Our medical partner shared this photo of Wai Linn and his grandmother at a follow-up appointment. When Wai Linn saw her for the first time after surgery, his eyes lit up and he kept touching her face, excited as he could see her clearly for the first time.

Wai Linn's mother says that she is so grateful to see how much her son's condition has improved and that it brings great joy to their family to watch him play and experience things for the first time. She is so excited that he will be able to attend school when he is older, and grow up as a happy healthy child.

People helping people is a beautiful thing. Thank you for spreading the health on Watsi!

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