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Azimera is the 27-year-old daughter of two farmers. She is passionate about her education, and has dreamed her whole life of starting her own business.

Azimera dealt with labored breathing and a persistent cough for years, but her symptoms eventually got so bad that she had to drop out of school. She now works a simple job at a hotel, but struggles to make ends meet on her modest earnings. Azimera tries to remain positive despite her illness, but lately she has been so sick that she can rarely get out of bed to go to work.

Recently, a local priest noticed Azimera’s painful cough and suggested that she travel to Addis Ababa to see a doctor. Immediately after seeing her, Dr. Rick Hodes diagnosed Azimera with mitral stenosis, an easily treatable but life-threatening heart condition that narrows her mitral valve and causes blood to back up into her lungs, making it difficult for her to breathe.

Azimera does not have close to the $1,500 she needs to fund her heart surgery. Without treatment, it will be nearly impossible for Azimera to achieve her dream of going back to school and starting her own business.

We have an opportunity to make a huge difference in Azimera’s life. Let’s raise the money she needs for heart surgery and help her get back on track toward achieving her dreams!

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Azimera was submitted by Dr. Rick Hodes in Ethiopia. Learn more

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