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Ruth's treatment was fully funded on March 08, 2013.

Ruth is pregnant with her first child. At only 16, she’s had to leave school temporarily to have her baby. Ruth hopes to deliver safely and recover fully so she can go back to school and be a healthy mom to her baby.

Watsi Medical Partner, Lwala Community Alliance, submitted Ruth for funding to cover the cost of her safe delivery. The $215 includes prenatal care, education on nutrition and risk factors, birth in the hospital, and a post-natal checkup for Ruth and her baby.

Reproductive health is the leading cause of death among women 15-44 worldwide. 99% of all maternal mortality occurs in the developing world, and 90% of these deaths are preventable. 1 in every 39 women in Sub-Saharan Africa is likely to die during childbirth. 15% of all pregnancies result in a potentially fatal complication during labor or delivery, and women in the developing world rarely have access to emergency medical care.

– Ruth answered the questions below in an interview with Watsi’s Coordinator at Lwala. –

When is the baby due?

-May 4th

Any complications or hardship (challenges)?

-I was in form 2 (sophomore year) and I had to leave due to my pregnancy.

How many children already?


What does your family do to earn income?

-I stay at home with my mother, she is a farmer. My father does not live with us, he stays in Nairobi.

What have you learned in the maternal health program?

-This is my first pregnancy, so I learned how to prepare for a baby and to save small amounts of money. They also taught me the importance of ANC (antenatal care) visits.

What do you hope/pray for?

-I hope to have a healthy baby delivered safely at the Lwala Hospital. I also hope to return to school and that there is money for my child to attend school too.

Ruth's Timeline

  • March 06, 2013

    Ruth's profile was published to start raising funds.

  • March 08, 2013

    Ruth's treatment was fully funded.


    Awaiting Ruth's treatment update from Lwala Community Alliance.

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