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Success! Win from Burma raised $1,500 to fund a heart valve replacement.

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Win's treatment was fully funded on November 23, 2020.

Photo of Win post-operation

May 15, 2020

Win underwent a heart valve replacement.

Since her surgery, Win’s condition has improved significantly. She no longer experiences fatigue and her chest pain is gone, as are her headaches and her difficulty breathing. All of her old symptoms have gone, which makes her feel like she is finally becoming normal again, just like before she got sick.

Win still has some pain in the area of her surgical wound, but the doctor told her that it was normal and that it would go away slowly. She can sleep well at night and her appetite has slowly returned. She can also start doing some household chores like cleaning and washing clothes, but her son does not allow her to do much as he worries that she will over-exert herself.

The successful treatment outcome has brought a huge benefit to Win’s family. Her son and husband are happy that Win can walk longer distances without getting tired and they said that they are very grateful for the treatment that Win has received.

Win is also happy that she can spend more time with her family. In the future, she looks forward to taking care of the household chores. Now, her husband and her son do not need to accompany her anymore for repeated hospital visits, allowing them to return to work.

Her son said, “We would never be able to afford paying for my mother’s treatment cost without the help of donors. Before, we felt very stressed to see that she was ill and tired. It was very difficult for her to breath. Now, our family is so relieved we can be happy together again.”

Win told us, “I will never forget the help that I received and I would like to say thank you to everyone who was involved in my treatment.”

Since her surgery, Win’s condition has improved significantly. She no longer experiences fatigue and her chest pain is gone, as are her head...

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February 28, 2020

Win is a 49-year-old woman from Burma. She lives with her husband and four sons. Two of her sons are distant learners at university while her husband and two other sons work as masons. However, her husband had to stop working to look after the housework when she was no longer able to do so.

Win was diagnosed with a heart condition that involves a malformation of her mitral valve, the valve between the left atrium and left ventricle. This valve controls the flow of blood, but certain conditions may cause blood to flow backward or the valve to narrow. Currently, Win feels tired, has no appetite, cannot sleep well nor walk longer distances. She also has a headache, chest pains, and tingling and numbness in her extremities.

Our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, is requesting $1,500 to fund a mitral valve replacement for Win. The treatment is scheduled to take place on March 11th and, once completed, will hopefully allow her to live more comfortably.

Win said, “When I recover from my illness, I will go back to doing the housework so that my husband can also go back to work.’’

Win is a 49-year-old woman from Burma. She lives with her husband and four sons. Two of her sons are distant learners at university while he...

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Win's Timeline

  • February 28, 2020

    Win was submitted by Bridgitte Agocs at Burma Children Medical Fund, our medical partner in Burma.

  • March 03, 2020

    Win's profile was published to start raising funds.

  • March 11, 2020

    Win received treatment at Pinlon Private Hospital. Medical partners often provide care to patients accepted by Watsi before those patients are fully funded, operating under the guarantee that the cost of care will be paid for by donors.

  • May 15, 2020

    Win's treatment was successful. Read the update.

  • November 23, 2020

    Win's treatment was fully funded.

Mitral Valve Replacement
  • Cost Breakdown
  • Diagnosis
  • Procedure
On average, it costs $4,878 for Win's treatment
Subsidies fund $3,378 and Watsi raises the remaining $1,500
Hospital Fees
Medical Staff
  • Symptoms
  • Impact on patient's life
  • Cultural or regional significance

​What kinds of symptoms do patients experience before receiving treatment?

Patients may experience excessive sweating, extreme tiredness and fatigue, irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain, lightheadedness, or loss of consciousness.

​What is the impact on patients’ lives of living with these conditions?

Patients cannot do labor work—even doing household chores may tire them. Adults will be unable to care for their families, and children will be unable to play or attend school. As the condition progresses, patients may become unable to eat.

What cultural or regional factors affect the treatment of these conditions?

Patients cannot afford to go to the hospital. Many people rely on medications provided by dealers who are not authorized pharmacists.

  • Process
  • Impact on patient's life
  • Risks and side-effects
  • Accessibility
  • Alternatives

What does the treatment process look like?

Damaged valves are repaired and replaced during open heart surgery.

What is the impact of this treatment on the patient’s life?

This surgery saves lives. Children will return to school, and adults will return to working and caring for their families.

What potential side effects or risks come with this treatment?

Potential side effects include bleeding, infection, fever, swelling, inflammation, arrhythmias, damage to surrounding organs, stroke, and death. Heart surgery is more likely to be life-threatening for patients who are very sick before the surgery.

How accessible is treatment in the area? What is the typical journey like for a patient to receive care?

Many of our medical partner's patients live in remote areas. They cannot afford or access treatment because it is only available in large cities.

What are the alternatives to this treatment?

There are no alternatives. If left untreated, this heart condition will become life-threatening for patients.

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Immanuel is a 2-year-old child from Kenya and the last born in a family of four. His parents are both casual laborers who earn an average of $3 per day. His mother washes clothes while his father works in construction sites where they earn a daily wage. Immanuel’s parent’s income is inconsistent since they depend on the availability of work. In mid-June this year, Immanuel was playing in the kitchen as his mother prepared supper for the family. He dipped his left hand into a boiling pot of potatoes when his mother stepped out to fetch more firewood for the broth. He let out a loud scream which made his mother rush back to the kitchen only to find him burnt and in pain. Immanuel suffered burns on his chest and left arm. He is not healing well and he is prone to infection. Fortunately, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is helping Immanuel receive treatment. On September 21st, surgeons will perform a debridement and skin graft procedure. This treatment will help clean his wounds and cover them with skin so as to reduce the risk of infection and improve his healing. Now, Immanuel needs help to fund this $1,185 procedure. Immanuel's mother shared, “For over two months now we have tried to source help for my baby to get this needed treatment. Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful. The wounds are refusing to heal and his elbow has become immobile and stiff. This might affect him now and in the future, if something is not done soon.”

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