Fundación Clinica Noel is a non-profit organization founded in Medellin Colombia over 95 years ago, dedicated to providing high-quality treatment to the most vulnerable kids in the city and region.

The organization is recognized for the comprehensive treatment of rare diseases and musculoskeletal malformations such as cleft lip and palate, osteogenesis imperfecta, among others.

In Colombia, many people have challenges accessing health insurance coverage due to the informal working situation; this means parents are required to pay for the treatment costs, which is difficult for families since they don’t have the resources, leading to the abandonment of the treatment.

In 2020 over 47,000 patients visited Clinica Noel and around 2,800 kids received surgery as part of their treatment.

Patients at Clínica Noel

Roger's parents, who are originally from Venezuela, moved to Colombia five years ago, seeking a better future for their older son. After living for two years in Medellin, Roger arrived to complete this wonderful family, giving everyone in his house joy with his little curls and his huge smile. Roger, who is two years old, lives with enlarged tonsils and adenoids, which obstruct his airways. While he can breathe through his mouth when he is awake, when he sleeps, he can sometimes stop breathing suddenly. As a result, his parents take turns watching him at night, so that they can wake him up if he does stop breathing. Life in Colombia has been challenging, with Roger's father working sporadically as a handyman, while his mother stays at home to care for the children. They cannot afford to cover all of the costs associated with the tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy that Roger needs, and have turned to our medical partner, Clinica Noel, for help. Now Roger is scheduled for surgery and his family is looking to you for the $1,022 needed to fund the procedure. After he has recovered, Roger will return to making everyone laugh with his antics, while his parents will be able to sleep through the night, knowing that their son is safe. Roger's mother said: "I just hope for my kid to grow up and be normal. I'm so worried because when he sleeps he just stops breathing and we have to move him and wake him up so he can get back breathing. I'm tired; I want to sleep as well. Please help my little boy."

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