The COVID-19 Emergency Fund

100% of your donation will fund healthcare for patients impacted by COVID-19.

About the COVID-19 Emergency Fund

100% of your donation funds urgent healthcare needs for patients who are impacted by the COVID-19 emergency at our Medical Partner Care Centers. Watsi launched the COVID-19 Emergency Fund to respond to increasingly urgent calls from our Medical Partners as the crisis deepens in many of the countries where we work.

Our patients and the communities we serve need a lifeline and your donation will provide critical access to care, including COVID-19 testing and life-saving oxygen for patients. Your support will accelerate more equitable access to essential healthcare at a moment when people are most in need. Given the current status of the crisis and our commitment to transparency, for anyone who joins in to donate we will share an update with you on how emergency funds are being put to use to reach communities in need.

If you prefer to receive an individual patient update, you can meet a patient on our site today as COVID’s deep impact on lives and livelihoods is touching everyone we reach.