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Clara is a small-scale farmer, farming maize, rice, and legumes. Like many farmers this year, Clara complained of a small yield from this harvest season. She is 65 years old and a single mother of five children. With no support from their father since their separation, she struggled to take care of her children. Clara shares her home with her daughter and grandchildren. Earlier this year in March, Clara went to inspect her rice farm together with her sister. Her sister couldn’t help but notice that Clara was unusually quiet and looked weak. As they went about their inspection, Clara screamed in agony whilst holding her abdomen and collapsed to the ground. She was rushed to a mission hospital in Dedza where she was admitted for three days. On June 3rd, Clara visited Nkhoma Hospital on clinic day after three months of continuous illness. Clara faints, vomits, and does not eat enough. Clara was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal stromal tumor and the recommended procedure is a laparotomy and wedge resection of the tumor. This surgery will improve Clara’s current health status greatly. The tumor will be removed and should no longer experience pain. Her surgery is scheduled for July 3rd. Our medical partner African Mission Healthcare is requesting $709 for treatment. This will cover the costs of medications, surgery, care supplies, and hospital stay. Clara says, "For me, being able to eat and not have fainting spells and abdominal pains will be a huge blessing in my life. I look forward to good health after the surgery is successful.”

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58-year-old Natchokani is a widow from a village in Dedza District in Malawi. With seven children, six of whom have passed away, she now lives with her youngest child, who is 7 years old and attending primary school. Natchokani never had the opportunity to attend school, making it challenging for her to find employment. Consequently, she relies on farming to sustain herself and her son, growing maize, beans, and groundnuts for both sustenance and income. Twenty years ago, Natchokani noticed an itch and an uncomfortable feeling in her throat whenever she was eating. Shortly after, people in her vicinity informed her of a swelling on her neck, which she eventually noticed herself. The swelling has been increasing in size over the years but she never went to seek medical help in health centers as she did not have finances to pay for treatment. Instead, she tried traditional medicine to no avail. Natchokani has continued to experience severe headaches and pain in her upper back. She struggles to swallow and sometimes has shortness of breath when she is lying down. She is unable to carry a heavy load on her head, therefore making it difficult for her to carry out household chores such as fetching water, and firewood and going to the maize mill. One day while she was visiting a patient at our medical partner's care center Nkhoma Hospital, she was seen by a surgeon who later diagnosed her with a multinodular mass, and thyroidectomy was recommended. Our medical partner African Mission Healthcare is requesting $491 to fund Natchokani's thyroid surgery scheduled for March 7th. Following the surgery, her symptoms will be alleviated, allowing her to breathe more easily and engage in her daily tasks without discomfort. Natchokani says, “I hope to receive treatment and resume life without this condition so that I can take care of my only son.”

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Mary is a 22-year-old lady from Kenya. She is from Busia County where they relocated after her mother passed on but studying at a college in Nairobi County. She is the third born in a family of three children. Her mother passed away when they were young, and her elder sister took care of them. Her sister is now married, and Mary lives with them in Busia. Three months ago, Mary began to experience troubling symptoms, including swelling on her neck. She ignored it for some time but realized that the swelling continued to grow and become more noticeable. The swelling on her neck makes her feel as if she is choking, which has affected her studies and her daily life. She consulted a few friends who recommended different hospitals, but Mary chose Nazareth Hospital. She was diagnosed with an enlarged thyroid gland. She needs surgery to prevent her symptoms from getting worse. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is helping Mary receive treatment. She is scheduled to undergo a thyroidectomy on July 2nd where surgeons will remove all or part of her thyroid gland. This procedure will cost $625, and she and her family need help raising money. Mary shared, "I am a very hardworking student who loves to study. I am worried because of this condition as I cannot manage to pay for the surgery. I am only a student and my sister and her husband are already struggling in the village due to lack of finances. I am appealing for support. After the surgery, I plan to return to school and continue with my studies since I will not have any hindrances," Mary said.

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Rosemary is a mother of five children. She lives with her husband, their two youngest children, and 6 grandchildren. Rosemary enjoys chatting with her grandchildren and eating nsima, a porridge made from maize flour and served with local chicken and vegetables. Five years ago, Rosemary started experiencing swelling near her abdomen After visits to different hospitals and clinics, she was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia and was recommended to have surgery. Her symptoms worsened as she delayed treatment and was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, a condition that occurs when part of the stomach protrudes up into the chest through the diaphragm because of the weakening of surrounding tissues. Rosemary could no longer walk long distances and was experiencing frequent vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, heartburn, discomfort, and pain in her chest and abdomen. Rosemary can hardly do anything at home due to worsening pains during activities that add more pressure to the painful area. Rosemary was later taken to Partners in Hope Medical Center and doctors explained the need for a surgical intervention called Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication, a surgery that treats Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD). In GORD, acid from the stomach leaks up into the esophagus (gullet) due to the weakness of the lower esophageal sphincter which leads to failure to close properly. Fortunately, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare (AMH), can help. On May 7th, Rosemary will undergo surgery that will help relieve her of her symptoms and improve her quality of life. AMH is requesting $1,244 to fund this procedure. Rosemary said, “I can now smile again and look forward to a successful surgery, for me to be well again.”

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