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PETER joined Watsi on March 27th, 2013. 31 other people also joined Watsi on that day! PETER's most recent donation supported Kangume, a woman from Uganda, to fund a C-section.


PETER has funded healthcare for 85 patients in 12 countries.

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"I am desperate to get treated because of my children,” shares Shiela, a single mother of three from the Philippines. Two years ago, Shiela was hit by a tree that fell through her house during a storm. She was rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery. Since then, she has undergone several more operations to address various injuries she sustained in the accident. However, her right leg still has still not healed properly, and she must use a crutch to walk. Shiela’s walking issues pose a major problem for the family. She has not been able to keep a job, and her family’s sole earnings now come from the herbal medicine that she sells informally. Because of their low income, Shiela and her children are presently living with her older brother. This can change if Shiela receives the proper surgery. Our medical partner's physicians have concluded that her fractured tibia can be fully repaired with an open reduction internal fixation procedure. On February 21, doctors will surgically realign the broken parts of Shiela’s leg bone and secure it in place using an internal nail. This will ensure that her leg heals properly. We can sponsor this procedure, as well as the three-day hospital stay and medications Shiela will need to recover safely, for $1,500. Shiela is looking forward to walking again without pain or limping. “This will really help us and change my life and the future of my children,” Shiela says. “Thank you so much in advance."

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Meet Abner, a four-year-old boy from Guatemala. Abner lives in a one room house with a tin roof. He is the youngest of three children. His mother takes care of Abner, cooks, cleans, and provides for the family. Unfortunately, they cannot afford to give Abner high-calorie and high-protein foods such as eggs and buy nutritious fruits. Abner's dad works as a messenger, but he only gets paid when there is work to do. Abner's family are often left without an income sometimes for days at a time. Abner was diagnosed with acute malnutrition. He is below the average height and the average weight for his age. He is currently not consuming enough calories and enough quality foods. As a result his physical growth is stunted, and we worry his mental growth will be stunted as well. As a result of food insecurity and marginalization, indigenous Guatemalan villages have the highest rates of stunting in the world. In addition to growth stunting, malnutrition can lead to lower IQ, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. $512 will fund the treatment Abner needs to address his nutritional deficit and improve his low energy and subsequent limited mental potential. This involves micronutrient and food supplementation, deworming medication to rid Abner of a parasitic infection, and nutrition education for his parents. With these combined efforts, Abner will recoup his weight and height and strengthen his immune system, laying the foundation for a healthier future. "I am very worried about my son because he is not gaining weight," Abner's mother shares. "We have fought for him, but we haven't gotten any results. Nevertheless, we are hopeful."

Fully funded