Alexandru Cojocaru
Alexandru's Story

Alexandru joined Watsi on March 12th, 2013. 1,770 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Alexandru's most recent donation traveled 3,100 miles to support Tumukunde, a woman from Uganda, to fund hernia repair surgery.


Alexandru has funded healthcare for 110 patients in 16 countries.

patients you have funded

“When I grow up, I would like to become a primary school teacher,” shares Ramadhani, a happy, hard-working, 13-year-old boy who lives with his grandparents in Tanzania. He loves going to school, where he is in class three and enjoys mathematics and science. Ramadhani was born with talipes equinovarus, a condition commonly known as congenital clubfoot. His right foot is twisted out of position due to short tendons in the foot and ankle, preventing him from stepping on the sole of his right foot as he walks. Even with his deformed right foot, Ramadhani likes to run and jump around with other children. Ramadhani’s parents are small-scale farmers who grow potatoes and cassava. They look after Ramadhani and his two younger siblings as well as their parents. For many years, they have not been able to get proper treatment for their son. It is through word of mouth that Ramadhani’s grandfather heard about The Plaster House and what it does and collected enough cash to transport Ramadhani to Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre for treatment. For $1,160, Ramadhani will undergo surgery to release the tendons in his foot and ankle. Doctors will then move his foot into the proper position and place it in a cast for up to two months. Funding also covers the costs of cast changes, braces, and a four-month stay at The Plaster House for recovery and rehabilitation after surgery. After receiving care, Ramadhani will be able to properly step on his right foot and wear shoes.

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Dominic is a young man, who currently walks with the aid of a broken walking stick. Dominic is a father of one and relies on the little he earns from informal tutoring of pupils. Dominic is 25 years old, and comes from a poor family of a widowed mother and seven siblings. He was the main provider for his young family before he was involved in a car accident a few years ago, where he fractured his tibia. His wife is a casual laborer who washes clothes for people to earn a living. Dominic's first surgery was funded by well-wishers. He needed a second surgery but due to lack of funds, it has been delayed for over one year. Due to financial constraints, he has not been able to get medical crutches to aid in walking. Dominic needs help to have the surgery done and restore back his health. Dominic's current symptoms include pain and strain while walking. Since the accident, Dominic can no longer work at construction sites, which was his means to earn a living. If not treated, Dominic may continue experiencing pain on his leg and difficulties in walking. He may also suffer severe infection which could result in amputation. $1,410 will fund the surgery and casting he needs to get healthy, and regain the use of his leg. “I would like to be a providing father and supportive son to my widowed mum; it pains me to have to rely on my wife for everything,” said Dominic. Our medical partner adds: "We expect that after the surgery, Dominic will heal well and he will be able to walk on his own again. Eventually he will be able to work and support his family."

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