Gina's Story

Gina joined Watsi on September 19th, 2016. Six years ago, Gina joined our Universal Fund, supporting life-changing treatments for a new Watsi patient every month. Gina's most recent donation supported Neima, an adorable 16-month-old baby from Ethiopia, to fund life-changing surgery to eliminate a condition she has had since birth.


Gina has funded healthcare for 101 patients in 14 countries.

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Neima is an adorable 16-month-old baby from Ethiopia. She loves to play and eat with her mother! She has an older sister who is eight years old. To support their family, her father works as a farmer and her mother manages their household. Neima was born with an anorectal malformation, a congenital abnormality that leads to a complete or partial intestinal blockage. She needs to undergo a series of procedures to eliminate bowel dysfunction. Her family has taken her to different hospitals seeking treatment, resulting in them using all of their savings. This left them unable to fund her needed treatments, so Neima went without a colostomy for one year. This led to her experiencing difficulty eating, only taking breast milk and liquids. She eventually developed bowel obstruction because of her condition, and an emergency colostomy was done. However, she now needs to undergo another procedure to eliminate her bowel dysfunction. Fortunately, Neima is scheduled to undergo surgery to correct her condition on August 1st. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $1,500 to cover the total cost of Neima's procedure and care. After her recovery, Neima will no longer experience bowel dysfunction or be at risk of developing health complications in the future. Her mother shares, “For my child, I am so hopeful that she will completely heal, and I will celebrate her birthday with my whole family. I will educate her, and I have hope that she will be a teacher or a doctor.”

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U Kyaw and his family left Burma in 2007 seeking better job opportunities in Thailand. U Kyaw now lives with his wife, daughter and granddaughter in a village in Phop Phra District. U Kyaw and his wife are retired. He looks after their four-year-old granddaughter while his daughter works as a gardener in the village. In his free time, U Kyaw likes to pray and read books about Buddhism. He also enjoys watching movies and loves to spend time with his granddaughter. In late November 2021, U Kyaw noticed a small white spot on his left pupil. Over time, the spot grew bigger and his vision became more blurred. He decided to have his eyes checked at Mae Tao Clinic (MTC). In January, U Kyaw and his daughter arrived at MTC, where he was diagnosed with cataracts on both eyes. He was told that he would need cataract surgery at nearby Mae Sot Hospital (MSH). There, the doctor confirmed the diagnosis and found that the cataract in his left eye is more severe and needs to be treated first. Without treatment, U Kyaw’s vision is severely impacted. His left eye only sees light and dark, while vision in his right eye is very blurred. He requires a guide to walk, and he cannot see faces and is having trouble taking care of his granddaughter. He has also been worried about the impact on his daughter as she has to take time off to bring him to his appointments. In addition, he has been worrying about the cost of his treatment for his family. Our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, is requesting $1,500 to fund lens replacement surgery for U Kyaw. On February 15th, doctors will perform the surgery, during which they will remove U Kyaw's natural lenses and replace them with an intraocular lens implant in his left eye. After recovery, he will be able to see clearly. U Kyaw said, “I feel so happy since I learned that an organisation will support the cost of my surgery. I feel very happy and I want to say thank you to all the donors and supporters.”

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