Patton L Boyle
Patton's Story

Patton joined Watsi on August 8th, 2013. 201 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Patton's most recent donation traveled 8,200 miles to support Asumpta, a 52-year-old woman and caregiver from Uganda, to fund a hysterectomy to heal painful uterine fibroids.


Patton has funded healthcare for 175 patients in 14 countries.

Patients funded by Patton

Asumpta is a 52-year-old single woman, humble, confident and caring. She was a Catholic nun and retired in 2015 after completion of her years of service. Asumpta joined the convent after finishing senior four and then training at an institute in agriculture and counselling. She now lives at her parental home where she cares for her mother and three orphans, the children of her deceased sister. Asumpta farms for a living but most of the food she grows is for home consumption. She sells off the surplus to generate an income for the family and to pay school fees for her foster children. For two years, Asumpta has been experiencing worrying symptoms, including bleeding that causes anemia so severe that she has twice received transfusions. Asumpta has lost weight and has lower abdominal pain and backaches. She often experiences episodes of swollen feet and has repeatedly sought medical treatment, without success. Asumpta has been diagnosed with heavy uterine bleeding due to a leiomyoma, also called a uterine fibroid. She needs to undergo a hysterectomy, a procedure in which surgeons will remove her uterus. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF), can help Asumpta. On September 5th, she will undergo gynecological surgery to remove the fibroid and her uterus. AMHF is requesting $219 to fund Asumpta's surgery. Once recovered, Asumpta will be able to resume her daily activities free of pain. Asumpta says, “I have high hopes that with your support, I will be operated on and will surely get well again - thank you.”

Fully funded

Seng Hong is a 23-year-old construction worker from Cambodia. He lives in Kampong Cham province with his family. His father also works in construction, his mother makes and sells Khmer sweets in the village or at the market, and his younger sister is in school. He works hard in construction, and after work, he likes to hang out in the backyard with his friends and listen to music. Eleven months ago, Seng Hong fell off the back of a tractor and fractured his humerus (upper arm bone) and wrist in his right arm. He could not afford surgery at that time and did not seek care until three months ago when he had a pin placed at a government hospital to stabilize the bone due to his inability to use his arm for work. Soon thereafter, the affected area became swollen, red, and warm to the touch. Seng Hong experiences increased pain and oozing of pus at the surgical site. Now, the hardware is exposed and infected. It is difficult for him to use the hand and he in chronic pain. Fortunately, our medical partner, Children's Surgical Centre, can help. On August 18th, Seng Hong will undergo a hardware removal procedure at CSC's care center. This procedure will clean out the infected area, and remove any necrotic tissue and hardware if it is contributing to the infection. Seng Hong is contributing $100 to his treatment, and CSC is requesting the remaining $304. Seng Hong said: "after surgery I hope the pus and pain goes away and I can use my arm to help my father in construction."

Fully funded