Patton L Boyle
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Patton joined Watsi on August 8th, 2013. 201 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Patton's most recent donation traveled 8,500 miles to support Faith, a 12-year-old aspiring doctor from Kenya, to fund surgery to repair her clubfoot condition.


Patton has funded healthcare for 127 patients in 14 countries.

All patients funded by Patton

Aung Soe is a 49-year-old man who lives with his daughter and son in Tak Province. His daughter sells vegetables from their home while Aung Soe and his son are agricultural day laborers. In the beginning of 2022, he notice a small mass around his left eye lid. At first, he thought that mass would disappear over time, but the mass instead increased in size. Although he wanted to go to a hospital, he could not afford to pay for transportation nor any treatment. In May, Aung So noticed that he had developed a mass in his right eye lid area as well and that his vision had become blurred. He borrowed money from his neighbor and went to Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) on May 31st. At the clinic, the medic checked his eyes and told him that he would need to go to Mae Sot hospital (MSH). The next day, he went to MSH, where he was told that he would need a CT scan. Currently, his vision is becoming increasingly blurred and he cannot see clearly when he reads. Doctors want Aung Soe to undergo a CT scan, a procedure in which x-ray images taken from several angles are combined to produce cross-sectional images of the body. This scan will hopefully help doctors diagnose his condition and formulate an appropriate treatment plan. Our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, is requesting $414 to cover the cost of Aung Soe's CT scan and care, scheduled for June 10th. Aung Soe said “I am worried that they will not be able to treat the mass. Now, I feel very sad. I can’t help my family with household chores. I would like to recover quickly so that I can go back to work."

Fully funded

Daw Aye is a 49-year-old woman who lives with her three sons, daughter-in-law, and a grandson in Burma. Two of her sons works as carpenters, while one works in a factory. Her daughter-in-law is a homemaker and her grandson is too young to go to school. Daw Aye was working as a vegetable seller, but recently stopped due to her injury. In February, Daw Aye and her grandson walked to her sister’s village for a visit. When her grandson tripped along the way, Daw Aye tried to catch him and fell herself. She injured her right knee, right elbow, hit her head and lost consciousness. Her elbow remained swollen and painful, and she sought treatment from a traditional healer. The healer suggested stretching exercises, but unfortunately, her condition did not improve. She visited a hospital where an x-ray and physical exam indicated a closed fracture of her elbow. Fortunately, our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF), is helping Daw Aye access the treatment she needs to heal. On March 26th, she will undergo internal fixation surgery at BCMF's care center. Hopefully, the procedure will help her regain use of her right arm and alleviate her pain. Now, she needs help raising $885 to fund her procedure and care. Daw Aye shared, "when the doctor told me about the cost of the surgery, I started to cry because I do not want to burden my children. My children are very kind to me and they are all good. When they heard that the surgery will be expensive, they told me that my only option was to pawn the house to come up with money to pay for the surgery. When the monk told me not to worry about the cost and that donors may be able to help pay for it, my children told me they would kneel down in front of the donors [in respect] if they ever had the chance to meet them in person."

Fully funded