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Aravind joined Watsi on December 21st, 2013. 18 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Aravind's most recent donation supported Korb, a mother-of-two from Cambodia, to fund a mastoidectomy ear surgery.


Aravind has funded healthcare for 14 patients in 5 countries.

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Nwe is a 36-year-old woman from Burma. She lives with her family in Thingangkuun Township in Yangon Division. Nwe works as a seamstress at home while her husband works in a factory. In her free time, Nwe likes to play with her nephew who lives close by and also loves to watch movies at home. Nwe was diagnosed with a heart condition that involves a malformation of the mitral valve, the valve between the left atrium and left ventricle. This valve controls the flow of blood, but certain conditions may cause blood to flow backward or the valve to narrow. Currently, Nwe experiences tiredness especially when she walks for longer periods of time. If she feels tired, she also experiences heart palpitations. Sometimes, she also suffers from dizziness. Our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, is requesting $1,500 to fund a mitral valve replacement for Nwe. The treatment is scheduled to take place on March 24th and, once completed, will hopefully allow her to live more comfortably. Nwe shared, “I feel stressed about my condition. I am afraid to have surgery but there is no other option. I hope that after I have fully recovered from my surgery, I will be able to work as seamstress again.” Nwe’s husband is also worried for her and he has had to take time off from work to accompany her to all her appointments. He said, “I get paid daily for my work and if I do not work regularly then I have less income. Before, we were able to save some money from our work but since my wife was diagnosed with a heart problem and started to see the doctor for tests and medications, we can no longer save any money.”

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Kyampire is a mother of five girls. She lost her husband in February 2001. All her daughters are married, but are struggling in their families due to lack of adequate education. Her firstborn is 24 years old and completed secondary school class three, the second born is 23 years old and completed primary school class six, her third is 22 years old and completed secondary school class two, while her youngest is 20 years old and dropped from secondary school class three. Her husband had not constructed a house for them but Kyampire tried her best and constructed a three-room semi-permanent house for herself and her girls. Kyampire started feeling abdominal pains and scans at Kabale referral hospital showed she had uterine fibroids. As the pains persisted, she went to a private doctor who advised her to have surgery but could not because she could not afford the surgery charges. She tried herbs and pain medicine to reduce the pain but she feels it is now beyond her control and that’s why she came to Rushoroza Hospital. If not treated, she could develop severe anaemia leading to heart failure. She has severe abdominal pain stopping her from doing her day to day activities. Kyampire did not go to school and survives on small-scale farming. Her normal duties are affected because she feels severe pain when digging and feels pain and heavy when walking; this greatly slows down her general performance in any activity she takes on. She at times finds it difficult to walk completely. Kyampire told us: “I pray for a successful surgery. I look forward to being normal again and be able to carry out my farming activities as comfortably as I had always done; making it easy to take good care of myself, God willing.”

100% funded

Fully funded