Fruzsi Toenniessen
Fruzsi's Story

Fruzsi joined Watsi on December 4th, 2014. 53 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Fruzsi's most recent donation traveled 8,800 miles to support Leng, a retired farmer from Cambodia, to fund cataract surgery.


Fruzsi has funded healthcare for 13 patients in 7 countries.

patients you have funded

“Khaing is a 45-year-old woman who was referred from a clinic in Burma to our treatment centre,” shares our medical partner, Burma Border Projects (BBP). “She has two daughters and one son who are all married and live with their own families. Her husband works as an unloading worker.” BBP tells us that Khaing began noticing abdominal problems two years ago. “She felt a mass in her abdomen when she touched it,” explains BBP. “She first went to the hospital in late 2013 to have her abdomen checked. The doctor performed an ultrasound and said she had a mass in her uterus.” That doctor recommended she travel to another hospital for treatment, but Khaing could not afford it. As it has gone untreated, the mass has been getting larger and Khaing is experiencing more pain. Doctors are now recommending surgery. Khaing had to stop working because of her condition, and her husband now only makes minimal income to support them both. It is not enough to cover the costs of treatment. With our support of $1500, Khaing will receive a hysterectomy to remove the mass. She will spend one to two days recovering at the hospital followed by four to six weeks recovering at home. Doctors anticipate that after the surgery, Khaing won’t experience any more pain. She will be able to get back to her family at home. Khaing is ambitious, and is eager to get back to work. “I want to build my own small shop at home and sell some snacks to generate income to be able to help my husband,” she shares with us.

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Meet Maria, a 46-year-old woman who lives in Kenya. “Maria has been a house help in the same household for almost 25 years, and she is originally from Tanzania,” says our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF). “Maria has a lump in her right breast. She first felt a lump in her breast last year and went to a local public hospital. After testing, Maria was informed that the lump is benign and it was removed. Early this year, she felt a lump again in the same breast,” AMHF explains. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and needs a mastectomy to remove the cancerous part of her breast. “We expect that after the surgery and subsequent chemo and radio therapy, Maria will no longer have recurring lumps," AMHF says. “Maria has never been married and is a proud mother of a playful three-year-old boy. Maria's aged parents are small-scale farmers back in Tanzania and are barely able to fend for themselves, and all her siblings are married and raising their own families. Maria goes back home once or twice a year to visit her family,” AMHF explains. "One day I will go back home and start a business that will enable me support my son,” says Maria. A mastectomy will cost $740. AMHF reports, “Maria is not able to raise the funds for her treatment and up to this point, her employer has been catering for all her medical bills. Maria's employer is not able to raise the funds needed for Maria's surgery.” Let's help Maria be cancer-free so she can continue to work and care for her son.

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“Eric is shy,” shares our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF). “He likes to play with mud - building some houses and shapes of people and other things.” This is Eric, an adorable, three-year-old boy from Tanzania. “Eric is the only child to his mother, who is a single parent. She loves her son very much and works very hard to take good care of him,” continues AMHF. “She sells some vegetables and fruits at an open market in their village. The little that she earns is not enough to cover the cost of operation which her son needs.” Eric has bilateral genu valgus, a condition in which the knees angle inward and touch one another when the legs are straightened. “Eric is unable to walk without knocking his knees. It is difficult for him to run or walk fast and compete with other children when playing,” reports AMHF. “If not treated, Eric’s gait will continue to be affected and chances of developing osteoarthritis at an early age will increase.” Eric’s mother remarks, “I am worried that my son may fail to walk later on if the condition keeps getting worse.” With $940 in funding, Eric will undergo a combination of casting and surgery that will realign his knee joint and thighbone, straightening his legs. This cost includes the procedure, hospital stay, cast change, medication, labs, outpatient physiotherapy, and a stay at the Plaster House (a recovery center for kids). “Eric’s gait will improve, he will be able to walk without knocking his knees, and chances of developing osteoarthritis will also decrease,” explains AMHF. “I dream of seeing him as a successful, influential young man in the future,” Eric's mother shares. “I want him to live a better life than mine.”

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