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Mehul Kar

United States   •   •   Born on June 9

Mehul's Story

Mehul joined Watsi on May 20th, 2014. 10 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Mehul's most recent donation traveled 8,200 miles to support Godwin, a toddler from Uganda, to treat a painful hernia.


Mehul has funded healthcare for 18 patients in 7 countries.

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“We just pray that our son will get well, have the ability to breastfeed and continue with normal growth,” share Christian’s parents. Their baby boy, Christian, was born in last December in Tanzania. When he was just a few days old, his mother became alarmed when "he did not want to breastfeed at all,” says our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF). She also noticed that his abdomen was beginning to swell, and his skin was jaundiced. Soon after, “Christian was diagnosed with biliary obstruction secondary to choledochal cyst,” AMHF tells us. This means that Christian’s bile ducts, which carry digestive fluids from the liver to the intestines, are blocked. “This biliary obstruction has to be removed to prevent too much toxic bile [from building up] in the blood,” AMHF tells us. Christian needs a mass excision operation to un-block his bile duct. However, his parents cannot afford to pay for this procedure on their own. Christian’s mother recently had to quit her job to bring her ailing infant on frequent hospital visits, leaving the four-person family reliant on their father’s single income as a van driver. “The little that Christian’s father earns is not enough to cover their basic needs as well as the cost of operation which their son badly needs,” AMHF says. Fortunately, with $920 we can help Christian get the care he urgently needs. This sum will cover the surgery to remove the choledocal cyst blocking Christian’s bile ducts, as well as a six-week stay for the baby afterwards at a recovery center. After this procedure, “Christian’s liver will function well, allowing adequate bile flow to the intestine. Hence, no more toxins and Christian will feed well and continue with normal growth,” says AMHF.

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"My prayer is that I get well and my family is restored. I want to have a good relationship with my husband again," says Tabitha. Meet Tabitha, a 49-year-old woman from Kenya. Tabitha is married and a mother of two sons who are attending college. Tabitha has been diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF) explains, “Tabitha first noticed a lump in her left breast late last year. She visited a local dispensary and was advised to seek care at a national referral hospital. However due to the large number of patients awaiting care at the hospital, and the pain she is experiencing, Tabitha came to [a partner hospital of AMHF] hoping for faster service." "Tabitha feels pain in her left breast and around her left shoulder. She used to sell milk but has been unable to work for the past few months," AMHF continues. “If not treated soon, the cancer could spread to other vital organs in Tabitha’s body and this could result in death.” Tabitha's husband owns a small automobile spare-parts shop and supports their children’s education and basic needs of the family. However, Tabitha and her husband have been estranged for a few years, and he will not be helping Tabitha cover the cost of treatment. “Tabitha's brothers have helped her raise some money for treatment but it is not enough. She is not able to cover the cost of treatment," AMHF shares. For $740, Tabitha will receive a mastectomy. Doctors expect that after treatment and recovery, Tabitha will be able to go back to work and live cancer-free. Let’s give Tabitha a hand in this difficult time and help her access the healthcare she needs.

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