George's Story

George joined Watsi on November 12th, 2015. Seven years ago, George joined our Universal Fund, supporting life-changing treatments for a new Watsi patient every month. George's most recent donation supported Devi, a subsistence farmer from Malawi, for hernia repair surgery.


George has funded healthcare for 8 patients in 7 countries.

All patients funded by George

Angelica is a newborn baby girl from rural Guatemala. She was born one month prematurely. She was small and weak when she was born, and acquired an infection in her eyes and now her lungs. When she came to see us at the clinic, she was very sick, but now she is doing much better after receiving hospital care. Unfortunately, her mother had to receive antibiotics that are unsafe for breastfeeding. Since her mother had to stop breastfeeding while taking the medications, she lost her ability to make milk and now Angelica is acutely malnourished. Her mother says her heart breaks because she is unable to give her daughter enough milk to make her stop crying. Angelica lives with her parents and her older siblings in a humble one-room wood house with a tin roof. Her mother is worried because she can see her daughter losing weight, and she does not have enough milk to feed her. Since she spends so much time caring for Angelica and her father works as a day laborer in the coffee fields, barely making enough money to support basic living costs, they cannot afford the extremely expensive formula Angelica needs to survive. Although Angelica's life is in danger now, the treatment she needs to be a healthy and happy baby is simple. She will receive formula with the protein, calories, and nutrients she needs to grow and develop. Her immune system will grow stronger with the formula, and she will no longer cry from hunger. This treatment will not only save Angelica's life, but will mean she is no longer at risk for seizures, diarrhea, and long-term developmental delays due to her lack of milk. "My desire is that my daughter gets better and can grow healthily," her mother said. "I want to see her get big so that she can go to the school and study and be a person like you all that helps the people that need it."

Fully funded

Meet Marvin, a 13-month-old boy from Guatemala. Our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK), tells us, “Marvin is a playful little boy who loves to play with a small plastic ball that he shares with his sister Yoselin. Yoselin is four years old; she is Marvin’s primary caretaker when their mother manufactures textiles for a living. Marvin likes to eat bananas. He lives with his mom and dad in a single room adobe mud house with a tin roof.” Due to a lack of funds and nutrition education, Marvin currently lives with acute malnutrition. “Marvin is below the average height and the average weight for his age,” WK reports. ”If Marvin does not receive intervention, his health will continue to decline and be at risk for the long-term effects of malnutrition. He will face physical and mental stunting that limits his ability to succeed in school and the workforce.” As a result of food insecurity and marginalization, indigenous Guatemalan villages have the highest rates of stunting in the world. In addition to growth stunting, malnutrition can lead to lower IQ, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity in the future. $512 will fund the treatment Marvin needs to address his nutritional deficit and improve his low energy and subsequent limited mental potential. This involves micronutrient and food supplementation, deworming medication to rid Marvin of a parasitic infection, and nutrition education for his parents. With these combined efforts, Marvin will recoup his weight and height and strengthen his immune system, laying the foundation for a healthier future. “Thank you for all you want to do for us. It will be such a great help,” shares Marvin’s mother.

Fully funded