Vanessa Abreu
Vanessa's Story

Vanessa joined Watsi on June 2nd, 2016. 29 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Vanessa's most recent donation traveled 2,000 miles to support Reynatris, a four-year-old girl from Dominican Republic, to fund heart surgery preparation.


Vanessa has funded healthcare for 7 patients in 5 countries.

All patients funded by Vanessa

“I wish I could do something in return for the donors for helping my daughter,” says the mother of Abia, a ten-year-old girl from Uganda. “If I could, I would give them a basket or a hen. We are so grateful for the help.” About ten months ago, Abia had a bad fall and injured her knee. Although her parents quickly obtained medical care for her, the wound still did not heal properly. Nearly a year later, the injury site is still issuing discharge every day, and the knee causes Abia intense discomfort. Recently, doctors at Bwindi Community Hospital (our medical partner's care center) diagnosed her with chronic osteomyelitis, a dangerous infection of the bone. Before her accident, Abia was in the third grade, where her favorite subject was math. She also enjoyed playing netball with the other girls and jumping ropes made out of vines. But she has had to drop out of school due to pain and difficulty walking. To heal her osteomyelitis, Abia needs to undergo surgery. Currently scheduled for April 26, this procedure will remove the infected parts of bone from her leg. But her parents cannot afford to pay for this operation. For $1,205, we can sponsor Abia’s surgery, as well as the associated three-week hospital stay, follow-up visits, and crutches for her recuperation period. Despite her recent medical and academic setbacks, Abia is determined to someday become a primary school teacher. Let’s help her heal quickly so that she can get back on track to pursue that dream.

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