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Language joined Watsi on November 18th, 2014. 12 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Language's most recent donation traveled 1,500 miles to support Sindy, a baby girl from Guatemala, for malnutrition treatment.


Language has funded healthcare for 21 patients in 7 countries.

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Meet Sindy, a baby girl from Guatemala. Sindy's mother is unable to produce breast milk, and cannot afford to buy formula as a substitute. She has been giving her daughter boiled water with sugar and white rice bits to help her stop crying, but she is worried because her daughter has not grown since she was born two months ago. Sindy is losing weight since she is not receiving the protein and nutrients she needs to grow—making her immune system weak and her body unable to fight off sicknesses. At such a young age, malnutrition is life-threatening. Lactation failure can lead to the child becoming starving, dehydrated, and provoke electrolyte imbalances that can cause seizures. Brain development occurring during this delicate time is compromised and the baby is at risk of long term deficiencies. Sindy lives with her parents and two older siblings in a one-room house made of cinderblocks with a tin roof. Her mother works taking care of Sindy, cooking, and cleaning, as well as looking for firewood on the mountains near their home to sell when she has time. Her father works as a farmer, only making a couple dollars per day by harvesting crops and selling them. Although they want the best for her, even if they spent every sent they had, they would not be able to afford live-saving formula for their daughter. Lactation failure, while dangerous, is easy to treat. By supplying the baby with formula and the mother with health education, Sindy will receive the calories she needs to grow and thrive. One-on-one education with Sindy’s mother will prepare her for when she needs to start eating solid food, as well as help her watch for further signs of malnutrition and other illness. Sindy’s immune system will strengthen and she will grow up to be a healthy energetic baby. “I dream that my daughter will study and become a teacher," Sindy's mother shared.

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Meet Ana, a 23-month-old girl from Guatemala. Ana and her four siblings live in a one-room adobe house with a tin roof in a rural mountainous community. She loves to play with her doll with her older siblings, and sing to her little brother. Her parents are farmers, and they cultivate cabbage, cauliflower, and green beans which they sell at the market, and eat what does not sell. Although her parents work hard, they do not make enough money to support a healthy diet for Ana and need support to help her get well—they cannot afford to give her even one egg or piece of fruit per day. Ana is not growing like she should because she has acute malnutrition. She is nearly three and a half standard deviations below the normal size for her age. This is because she has not had access to a healthy diet—her body has not gotten the protein, calories and nutrients that it needs to grow normally. Her energy is low, she has little appetite, and she has been getting sick more often than the other kids that live in the neighborhood—in the past two weeks alone she has had a fever and cough. Diarrhea, cough, and fevers can be life-threatening for children like Ana, whose immune systems are weak due to their poor diet. Her mother is worried about her, since she has noticed that she is not growing as well as her older kids. In the long term, Ana could be at risk of stunted neurodevelopment, behavioral problems, and a greater risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Growth monitoring, micronutrients, food supplementation, and deworming medication will help Ana gain weight and grow taller to catch up with other children her age. All of this can be accomplished with treatment, which costs $512. Treating her now will have a large impact—she will likely be able to reach developmental milestones just like healthy kids her age. This treatment will strengthen her immune system, increase her overall caloric intake, and allow her to have more energy to play and learn. Her parents will receive the support they need to feel empowered to give her the diet she needs to grow and develop--they will receive intense and motivational nutrition classes to learn what, when, and how to feed Ana the best diet possible. This will help her start to develop better both physically and mentally, giving her the chance to live a healthy and productive life, escaping the cycle of malnutrition that is making her sick. "I hope that one day she can graduate and become a teacher," Ana's mother shared.

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