Dean's Story

Dean joined Watsi on June 28th, 2014. 7 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Dean's most recent donation traveled 7,200 miles to support Luciano, a three-year-old boy from Guatemala, to control his seizures.


Dean has funded healthcare for 15 patients in 7 countries.

All patients funded by Dean

“I have spent a lot of time thinking about treatment costs and transportation, and am willing to live with cancer rather than the burden it would impose on my family,” explains Daw Myint. “If I recover, I would like to open a shop in front of my house and sell veggies, meat and fish.” Daw Myint is a 56-year-old mother of five children, who lives with her husband and their son in Burma. When she feels well enough to cook, Daw Myint earns a meager income selling snacks. Their son works as a mechanic to pay the family’s rent and bills, and another daughter is occasionally able to send money. Because of their tight finances, Daw Myint has not been able to seek treatment for the heavy flow, dizziness and muscle cramps she has been experiencing for the past two years due to a cervical polyp. “She is extremely concerned that her condition may turn into cancer due to her age,” reports our medical partner Burma Border Projects. “She has lived with her symptoms as a secret because her family doesn’t make enough to live comfortably, and she is also concerned because if she waits longer and her symptoms get worse, she would be more of a burden to her family. If she has cancer, she is willing to live with it untreated because they can’t afford it financially.” For $1,500, we can fund surgery to remove the polyp as well as comprehensive treatment for Daw Myint as she recovers. Let’s help Daw Myint return to her husband, children and grandchildren, and to resume the activities she loves like gardening and cooking to provide for her loved ones!

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