Mohammed albakri
Mohammed's Story

Mohammed joined Watsi on September 24th, 2015. 27 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Mohammed's most recent donation supported Rean, a rice farmer from Cambodia, to fund cataract surgery.


Mohammed has funded healthcare for 11 patients in 6 countries.

All patients funded by Mohammed

“Iqra is just four months old from the coastal region of Kenya,” our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF), tells us. “The last born in a family of five, Iqra has had sleepless nights due to the pressure on his brain due to the excess fluid in his head. His mother is a stay at home mother while the father is a motorbike transport operator who earns an average of $4 a day.” At only four months old, Iqra has congenital hydrocephalus. This means that he has inherited a condition causing his brain to drain the fluid around it improperly. Hydrocephalus occurs when the fluid builds up, causing the head to increase in size and pressure on the brain. “Iqra has been experiencing high intra-cranial pressure which, if untreated, is likely to cause damage to his brain, eyes and potentially result in death,” reports AMHF. To prevent any of the serious consequences, Iqra needs surgery to correct the drainage problem. Doctors from AMHF will insert a small shunt into the base of Iqra’s brain, therefore allowing the excess fluid to drain out of his brain and into other body cavities where it can readily be absorbed. This will decrease the pressure on his brain and allow his head to return to normal size. “Since my son’s head started swelling I had to stop working to accompany his mother to and from the hospital, missing the chance to earn money to support my family,” explains Iqra’s father. With $615 in Watsi funding, Iqra will receive the surgery and be able to cover the costs of pre-operative care, surgery, a five day hospital stay, and medicines. The surgery is important to stabilize Iqra’s intracranial pressure, preventing the serious consequences such as blindness and death.

Fully funded

“Carolina is the only child of two loving parents,” says our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK). "Her favorite toy is a little doll that her dad gave her. While her mother works weaving blouses to sell, Carolina loves to play in the backyard." Carolina has acute malnutrition, meaning her body is not absorbing as many nutrients as it needs to be healthy. Due to this, “Carolina is far below the average height and weight for her age,” WK explains. Malnutrition often leads to more complications, including stunted mental and physical development and a weakened immune system. With $535, Carolina will receive micronutrient support to treat her acute malnutrition. This treatment will extend over a 90-day period, during which time nutrient-rich food supplements will be slowly incorporated into Carolina’s diet. In doing so, she is expected to gradually and safely adjust to the changes. To protect her against infections during her treatment, Carolina will also be given deworming medicine. Through preventable, malnutrition is a prevalent health concern, especially in rural communities such as Carolina’s. WK explains that education plays an important role in prevention. “Carolina’s parents will receive intensive nutrition education, building their confidence and ability to care for Carolina throughout her childhood and improve their ability to care for any future children,” they share. With this treatment, Carolina’s health will improve over time. WK informs us she will “recoup some of the weight and height she has lost, overcome the infection causing her diarrhea, and increase her overall caloric intake.” “Thank you for what you are doing for Carolina,” Carolina’s mother says. “Now with this help Carolina is going to grow up to be a healthy woman.”

Fully funded