Larry Johnson
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Larry joined Watsi on April 13th, 2013. 18 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Larry's most recent donation supported Paula, a baby girl from Guatemala, for nutritional therapy.


Larry has funded healthcare for 52 patients in 14 countries.

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Meet Paula, an imaginative 18-month-old girl from Guatemala. “She pretends to make and serve tea, and sometimes when at the Tortilleria she makes mini-tortillas out of the extra corn maza to ‘sell’ to her mom,” says our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK). Paula has acute malnutrition. Her father abandoned the family one year ago, which made it difficult for her mother to support the family with her full-time job as a tortilla maker. Her mother shares, “I feel I am not able to give her what she needs: education, food, a home.” Because Paula is malnourished, she is losing weight and has consistent diarrhea. This condition leads to a type of growth failure known as stunting. Without proper nutrition, this illness will continue to affect Paula’s brain development, immune system and her ability to learn and succeed in school. $535 will fund Paula’s treatment, which includes laboratory tests and 1-4 months of intensive nutritional intervention in her home. In addition, a specialized case manager and nutritionist will make weekly monitoring visits at the home to provide Paula with “the knowledge needed to prepare healthy meals for her family in the future.” Paula will begin to recover developmental milestones and benefit from the long-term outlook of “improved cognitive potential, school completion, and economic prospects,” says WK. “This treatment saves brains." Let’s help to provide Paula and her family with the nutritional support and education they need, so that Paula can develop into a strong, healthy young woman.

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