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Edo joined Watsi on April 18th, 2013. 21 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Edo's most recent donation supported Day, a boy from Burma, to fund a cyst removal procedure.


Edo has funded healthcare for 11 patients in 7 countries.

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Luis is a six-month-old baby living in Guatemala with his grandparents and mother in a cinderblock house with a tin roof. His favorite thing to do is to play with a small rubber toy dragon. When she isn't caring for Luis or helping Luis's grandparents around the house, Luis's mother is a tailor. She is a single mother, and is unable to afford more food for Luis than corn tortillas. Luis has been diagnosed with severe chronic malnutrition. He is almost three standard deviations below a normal height for his age. He has not been receiving the calories and protein he needs, stunting his growth and weakening his immune system. He frequently gets diarrhea, fevers, and coughs, all of which contribute to lethargy and decreased appetite. Without treatment, Luis could face long-term consequences such as low IQ, increased risk of chronic diseases, and lower earning potential as an adult. For $512, Luis can receive the treatment he needs to resolve his malnutrition. His treatment cost covers growth monitoring visits, food supplements, and medication to help him gain weight and develop properly. Luis's mother is eager for financial assistance to afford Luis's treatment. "I hope my son recovers soon from malnutrition," she says. Luis's treatment will strengthen his immune system, increase his overall caloric intake, and make it so he has more energy to play and learn. His mother will also receive nutritional education to help her optimize the diet he needs.

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32-year-old Ulric is a habal-habal (motorcycle taxi) driver from the Philippines. He is the financial provider for his family, and has two children, six and eight years of age. Ulric is a very hardworking father and committed to providing for his family, shares our medical partner, International Care Ministries. He has a monthly income of $60, and it varies based on how many people ride on his taxi. His partner cares for their children at home. Their house is made of bamboo walls, and the floor and roof is made of nipa hut. Ulric has a multinodular thyroid goiter, or an enlarged thyroid gland. He has difficulty swallowing, and he feels that there is something stuck in his throat at all times. He cannot do heavy lifting and strenuous activities. Additionally, he gets easily tired and has difficulty working for long periods of time. It's been a year since he was diagnosed with the goiter, but he has been unable to afford treatment. Ulric needs a thyroidectomy, or total removal of the thyroid gland. Surgery will cost $1,500. Ulric will be able to live without his thyroid as long as he remains on medication after surgery. Ulric is excited about getting the treatment, because his condition really hinders him and his livelihood. "If I get treated, this can help me to do more and work hard to support for my family," he said. "I am also thankful to those giving me this opportunity - a chance that I can have a normal life again. And for the people who will be willing to help me, I am so thankful to them. I know I can't repay them but I pray that they will be blessed abundantly."

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