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Eli joined Watsi on October 3rd, 2020. 23 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Eli's most recent donation supported Twongirwe, a single mom from Uganda, to fund a cystectomy.


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Twongirwe is a 37-year-old single mother to four. She says she separated with her husband who was an alcoholic and not healthy for their family. Twongirwe decided to go back to her parental home with her children. There she earns a living from small-scale farming where she grows food crops to feed her family and children and often sells off the surplus to generate an income. She sometimes works on other peoples farms in case she needs money and to help fund school fees for her children. Twongirwe arrived at the hospital with pain around her inguinal region associated with generalized body weakness and moderate bleeding for three years now. She also has severe backaches. This has affected her work performance since she no longer attends to her farm as her pain worsens when she is cultivating yet farming is her only source of income. Twongirwe went to a local health centre for treatment where she was examined by the doctor who told her that she may have a cyst and referred her to Watsi Medical Partner's Care Center Nyakibale Hospital for further care. There Twongirwe was examined by the doctor who recommended she receive an obstetric scan, which confirmed her cyst diagnosis. The medical team feels she will benefit from a cystectomy treatment for the good and betterment of her health. Twongirwe said: “I expect to get healed from my condition, have a normal health, a new life, and continue hustling to see that my children may grow well and have a brighter future.”

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