Jane Sternbach
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Jane joined Watsi on March 27th, 2015. 10 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Jane's most recent donation traveled 8,200 miles to support Ahaisibwe, a schoolboy from Uganda, to fund hernia repair sugery.


Jane has funded healthcare for 21 patients in 9 countries.

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Joshua lives in the Philippines with his family. The family lives in a crowded area wherein they have many neighbors. But despite their living condition, they have harmonious relationship with each other and the people in their community. Joshua currently lives with an anorectal malformation. He experiences discrimination among his friends, classmates, and peers because of his condition. His teacher often sends him home whenever he does not bring an extra plastic bag for his colostomy. Whenever he eats fruits like pineapple, he suffers from stomach pain. When he exerts effort like playing vigorously or lifting heavy objects, his colostomy site becomes tender and bleeds. He thus has problems concentrating in school, and his studies and social interactions are very much affected. Joshua's family is also very concerned with Joshua's problem. Joshua sometimes roams around the market with his bike and collects bottles and scrap iron to be sold in junk shops to help his parents in their finances. His father is working at a fruit company and is the only provider of the family. For $965, Joshua can receive the colostomy closure he needs to recover from his condition. "I just want to see my child live normally just like other children," his mother said. "We as a family desires so much that Joshua will be treated but we really can't afford his treatment. As the matter of fact, we are struggling to provide our daily needs. We are hoping and praying that somebody would help us to provide for his surgery."

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“Lencer is a young child with a long medical history,” reports our medical partner in Kenya, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF). When he was nine months old, he fell sick with meningitis; he has contracted pneumonia six times since his birth; and now, at three years old, Lencer has contracted tuberculosis. “Lencer has battled his previous medical complications with zeal,” AMHF tells us. However, fighting these near-constant illnesses “has drained his family’s income,” leaving them unprepared to cope financially with the most recent medical problem that has beset Lencer: severe hearing loss in both ears. Lencer’s hearing problems are sensorineural, meaning they originate in his inner ear, and could have been caused by a variety of factors, from disease to head trauma. According to AMHF, “if not assisted with the hearing aids, Lencer may not be able to communicate effectively”—a deficiency that could have profound implications for the child’s social life, language learning, academic abilities, and career. $920 will purchase two hearing aids—one for each of Lencer’s ears. With these devices in place, “Lencer will be able to use speech and hearing for communication,” AMHF tells us. “I feel emotionally weak that my child has to pass through all these medical complications,” shares Lencer’s father. “My only wish is to have God heal him and for him to grow as a healthy child.” Let’s help make that wish a reality for this family.

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For over 18 years, diabetes has been a struggle for Raul. When he suddenly lost consciousness in the street 7 months ago, the doctors diagnosed Raul with acute kidney failure. Due to lack of access to medication and treatment, Raul is now going into kidney failure and needs dialysis, a treatment that mimics the kidney’s ability to remove waste products from blood. Raul is a 50-year-old man from Guatemala. Our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK), explains, “Without treatment, Raul will die. Dangerous levels of chemicals and waste will buildup in his blood. In addition, he will be at risk for other symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes, including blindness, nerve damage, and cardiovascular complications.” Raul lives with his mother, sister, and extended family. He used to work as a construction worker, but had to stop after he began passing out at work. In recent months, Raul has had difficulty eating due to vomiting, passes out when he stands for a long time, and has pain in his legs due to swelling. Raul and his family cannot afford the cost of treatment, and with his sister now taking care of him, Raul’s family has lost two streams of income. $1,496 will cover the dialysis that Raul needs to survive. WK says, “With this treatment, Raul will be able to live a relatively normal life, even with his failing kidneys. His energy will increase and he will be able to get back to everyday activities and spend time with his family.” “I am most excited to be able to walk around again once I receive treatment,” Raul shares, “I want to be more independent.”

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