Lulu Meza
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Lulu joined Watsi on May 19th, 2016. 46 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Lulu's most recent donation supported Bharat, a student from Nepal, to treat a fractured hand.


Lulu has funded healthcare for 4 patients in 4 countries.

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Gregorio is an infant from Guatemala, and his mother has not been able to produce milk since her son was born two months ago. She has been taking herbs and natural medicines, which sometimes help her lactate, but her son still cries through the night from hunger. She has been giving him sugar water to try and fill his stomach and help him stop crying, but she is worried because she has noticed that he has been losing weight. Gregorio has not grown since he was born, and his weight will continue to drop if he does not receive treatment. Gregorio is the youngest of five children. He lives with his family in a one-room wood house with a tin roof. His mother works at home; cooking, cleaning, and taking care of Gregorio and his siblings. His father is a day laborer who works long and hard hours in the fields, harvesting crops. Although both of his parents want the best for him, they do not make enough money in a month to buy even one can of formula (that lasts one week). This has left them distressed, because they cannot afford formula and they see their son getting sicker every day. With $1,016, Gregorio will receive nutritional treatments that will save his life. With the formula, supplements, and nutritional education his parents will receive, Gregorio will to recover the weight he has lost and grow like a normal child. His brain development will continue normally, and he will no longer be at risk of seizures due to electrolyte imbalances, or diarrhea due to consuming water that has not been properly filtered. This treatment will give Gregorio the chance to live a healthy, and full childhood.

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