Emma Rossi
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Emma joined Watsi on December 26th, 2014. 54 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Emma's most recent donation supported Joel, a one-month-old boy from Kenya, to fund spina bifida surgery.


Emma has funded healthcare for 4 patients in 4 countries.

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Meet Ah Dee. He is a shy five-year old from Burma. Ah Dee has Thalassemia, which is a type of blood disorder. He needs to get blood transfusions twice a month to stay alive. "We have tried our best to get treatment for our son, and if something happens then I won't regret anything because I know that I have tried my best. I will never stop and I will never lose my hope, I will continue to try and get my son treatment and I hope that he will be able to recover from his condition and live a healthy life,” his father told our medical partner, Burma Border Projects. Ah Dee’s day-to-day life is complicated. He is usually playful and has a healthy appetite after a blood transfusion, but soon after, his condition worsens up until his next transfusion. His stomach swells up and presses against his spleen, which causes him great pain and inhibits his appetite. It also forces him to sleep upright. He is confused by his health condition, and doesn’t understand why he needs frequent transfusions. Ah Dee needs to get a splenectomy (spleen removal). It’ll reduce his pain and reduce the frequency of blood transfusions too. It’ll also allow him to have a more stable lifestyle, and hopefully he will be able to go to school. Ah Dee’s parents cannot afford the cost of his surgery. His father works at a car dealership, and earns about $15 a month. His mother is at home full time, and is completely devoted to raising her children and taking care of Ah Dee, as he needs a considerable amount of care and attention given his health condition. Let’s work together to raise the $1,015 needed for Ah Dee’s surgery. It’ll offer relief to an anxious and caring family, and allow a little boy a chance to live a more normal life.

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