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Michelle joined Watsi on April 7th, 2014. 39 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Michelle's most recent donation supported Oudom, a child from Cambodia, to fund a tonsillectomy.


Michelle has funded healthcare for 24 patients in 8 countries.

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Meet Gloria, a three-year-old girl from Uganda who is one of six children. "When she is feeling good, Gloria likes to sing and play with others in the village," shares our medical partner, The Kellermann Foundation. Gloria's severe malnutrition and respiratory infection cause her to feel tired and weak. In addition, she also has a severe case of edema—a condition characterized by fluid build-up in the tissues of the body—resulting in swelling and discomfort. In Uganda, 14% of children under age five are underweight and 33% of children under age five are stunting—a condition marked by one's "height for age" value falling below the fifth percentile on a growth curve. Although Uganda has made strong economic progress in the last decade, food security continues to be a challenge for nearly a third of all households. “Gloria is very uncomfortable and irritable,” explains our medical partner. “She needs nutritional help to prevent the long term impacts of malnutrition such as stunting and cognitive impairment. Her mother and father will also need to receive nutritional counseling so they know how to prepare healthy meals at home.” $350 will fund the nutritional help that Gloria needs. Gloria’s parents, Sylvan and Buzare, are farmers who grow millet, beans, cassava, and potatoes. “I am looking forward to going home and planting seeds to grow nutritious food for my family,” Gloria’s father says. “Thank you so much for the help.”

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26-year-old Makara was hit by a car while he was driving his moto in Thailand last August. "This caused a brachial plexus injury of his left arm," reports our medical partner Children's Surgical Centre (CSC). Since then, this factory worker and father from Cambodia has had limited sensation and mobility of that arm and hand. "After the accident, he was not admitted to a hospital because he could walk fine," CSC continues to explain. Instead Makara received traditional Khmer medicine back home, but this was ineffective and he continued to experience pain and a lack of mobility in his left arm. Eventually Makara went to a hospital where doctors told him he needed surgery to repair the damage to his nerves. Because the damage was so extensive, "he has no sensation below the deltoid area of his left arm and no mobility in his fingers," says CSC. Makara is very worried about how this injury will affect his wife and daughter. "I can't hold stuff with my left arm or go to work to support my family," he expresses to us. His grandmother had surgery at CSC in the past, so Makara traveled four hours with his brother to reach CSC for proper treatment. For $392, surgeons at CSC will perform a nerve and tendon repair that will improve the function of Makara's left arm. CSC explains, "a nerve will be diverted and sewn into the current non-functioning nerve, and after a few months of healing his arm will regain functional abilities and sensations." Makara will also receive physical therapy sessions over the next several months to help him regain his arm's abilities. Then he will be able to return home to work and take care of his family. "I hope after the operation my arm will have good function again," Makara shares with us.

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