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antonia joined Watsi on January 4th, 2016. 39 other people also joined Watsi on that day! antonia's most recent donation supported Soeung, a 65-year-old grandmother from Cambodia, to fund cataract surgery for both eyes.


antonia has funded healthcare for 13 patients in 5 countries.

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Panha is a 25-year-old man with a love for music. He also “enjoys helping his wife at home and watching movies on TV,” shares our medical partner in Cambodia, Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC). In recent months, Panha has been dealing with lingering pain from a serious accident. While driving his motorcycle this past December, “Panha had a head-on collision with another moto,” CSC explains. “The accident caused an open left tibia fracture, a closed left femur fracture, and a finger and wrist fracture in his left hand.” Although his leg was put in a cast immediately after the crash, Panha’s wrist and finger injuries were not diagnosed at the time. As time went on, he noticed that he was having trouble using his left hand, and was experiencing pain in his wrist. He traveled two hours with his wife to another hospital, where he learned of his undiagnosed fractures. In order to regain basic function in his left hand, Panha needs to undergo a procedure known as open reduction and internal fixation surgery on his left hand and wrist. In this two-part operation, doctors will first move the fractured bone back to its proper place, then will insert a device to keep the bone in place. Panha cannot afford this surgery on his salary as an enlistee in the military. But we can help him out. $405 will cover the operation he needs, as well as physical therapy after his surgery. CSC will also check to make sure Panha’s leg is healing properly. Panha looks forward to regaining use of his hand. “I hope after surgery I can hold things with my hand and my arm won't feel so painful," he tells us.

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Kagezi is a 45-year-old laborer from Uganda who works for a brick-making and sand-mining business. He came to our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF), with a five-year history of pain and swelling in his inguinal and scrotal regions. Kagezi’s symptoms are the result of a bilateral inguinoscrotal hernia, a protrusion of the intestines through weak points in the abdominal muscles. The protrusions present as painful bulges in the left and right groin, and the pain increases with coughing, bending at the waist, or lifting heavy objects. “If not treated,” explains AMHF, “Kagezi is at risk of intestinal obstruction, incarceration, and strangulation.” Because of the hernia, Kagezi does not make as many bricks as he used to, and he is unable to carry heavy items. His inability to work makes it difficult for him to support his family or raise money to pay for his medical care. “He tried contacting his siblings,” AMHF tells us, “but they also did not have money.” For $220, Kagezi can undergo hernia repair, in which a surgeon pushes the protruding tissue back into the abdomen and sews together the weakened muscle with a synthetic mesh. Over time, muscle tissue grows into and around the mesh to strengthen the area. Funding also covers the cost of 14 days of hospital care, including labs and medications. After surgery, Kagezi looks forward to returning to work and being able to split firewood without discomfort. “Thank you for offering to give me help,” he shares. “God bless you.”

Fully funded