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Soumeya's Story

Soumeya joined Watsi on June 13th, 2015. 8 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Soumeya's most recent donation traveled 8,100 miles to support Samuel, a father from Kenya, for surgery to remove a pituitary tumor.


Soumeya has funded healthcare for 14 patients in 8 countries.

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Meet Dariana, a 14-month-old girl from Guatemala. The youngest and the only girl among three older brothers, Dariana is the baby of her family. Our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK), tells us, “She loves to play with a stuffed animal given to her by her oldest brother." “She is overall a happy child, but her height and weight for her age are both extremely low,” says WK. Dariana’s father, who works as a laborer, does not earn enough to sufficiently feed each of the children. As the youngest child, Dariana is given the least amount of food. Additionally, an incident with an expired vaccine six months ago left her appetite and energy levels low. Given these circumstances, WK tells us, “She is hitting developmental milestones later than normal.” Childhood malnutrition has major effects on the developing brain. Research shows that stunted children have a lower IQ and consequently less economic potential in adulthood. Without intervention, Dariana will be at risk of these long term effects. “Her immune system will continue to weaken and her weight will continue to drop,” adds WK. With $535, Dariana will be enrolled into WK’s recuperative nutrition program, where she will receive growth monitoring, micronutrient and food supplementation, and medication. Her parents will undergo nutrition education to better care for Dariana and their future children. With these measures, Dariana will have the chance to live a healthy, productive life.

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“A very shy and beautiful girl,” is how our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF), describes Maryann, a three-year-old from Kenya. While speaking with AMHF, “Maryann kept smiling and stealing glances.” AMHF tells us, “Maryann’s father works on farms and construction sites while her mother washes clothes for people to earn a living.” Maryann has a six-year-old brother, and both children have had painful umbilical hernias. Umbilical hernias occur when the opening for the umbilical cord does not completely close, allowing fatty tissue or part of the bowels to protrude. AMHF says, “Maryann experiences severe sporadic stomach pain, and if the surgery is not done soon, she will continue experiencing pain and risks having her intestines strangulated – which would lead to a much more complicated mode of treatment.” AMHF reports, “Early this year, friends and family came together to raise the funds for her brother’s treatment; since then, her parents have been trying to raise the money needed for Maryann’s treatment, but they have not been able to.” $430 will fund Maryann’s surgery—a procedure that will push the bulge on her abdomen back into place, and to make her abdominal wall stronger. Maryann’s mother shares, “All I ask for my daughter is to no longer be in pain, I wish I could taker her pain away; when she cries asking me to make it stop, it breaks my heart because I am not able to do anything.” We can help take Maryann’s pain away– let’s do it.

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Meet Diana, a bright, five-year-old girl from Kenya. Diana and her family live in a two room traditional hut and she has three siblings currently enrolled in school. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF), informs us that she was brought to their hospital last night in critical condition, and is currently in the ICU. “Diana has been suffering severe headaches, an inability to walk, persistent vomiting, and drowsiness,” AMHF reports. Sadly, these symptoms are the result of a brain tumor. The tumor was first noticed in nursery school when her symptoms began. Over the last few years, “her parents sought medical intervention from several hospitals but her condition got worse,” AMHF says. Diana’s father works on his own tea farm and her mother is a housewife. All of the family’s savings have been used paying for Diana’s medical bills. AMHF reports, “they sold the few livestock they had to get treatment for little Diana.” Diana needs a craniotomy to remove her tumor. $1,260 in funding will pay for the MRI or CAT scan needed to isolate the tumor, the craniotomy to remove it, and Diana’s post-operative recovery in the ICU. AMHF reports, “If treated, Diana will be relieved from the risk of experiencing high intra-cranial pressure and it will also minimize the risk of developing brain damage or becoming visually impaired.” Diana’s mother shares, “I really hope that little Diana gets well, we love her so much."

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