Rosalie's Story

Rosalie joined Watsi on May 21st, 2013. 23 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Rosalie's most recent donation supported Ngoitumet, a friendly 6-year-old boy from Tanzania, to fund a mobility-restoring knee surgery.


Rosalie has funded healthcare for 47 patients in 8 countries.

Patients funded by Rosalie

Ngoitumet is a 6-year-old boy and the last born in a family of three children. Despite his legs condition and his difficulty with walking, Ngoitumet is a friendly and jovial boy. If not for his health condition, he would be running around enjoying his playtime and be more involved in daily home activities. Ngoitmet’s father is elderly with no source of income. He was not able to bring Ngoitumet to the hospital and had to be helped by a neighbor. Ngoitumet's family depends on livestock keeping and the milk they get from their cattle to make ends meet. Ngoitumet was diagnosed with "windswept" knees, a condition that started when he was two years old when his father noticed his left leg was slightly curving outward. His father couldn’t take him to the hospital for treatment due to financial challenges, so his left leg kept worsening, and the right leg also began curving inward. This condition is typically caused by an excessive accumulation of fluoride in the bones, which often stems from contaminated drinking water. Due to his condition, Ngoitumet has not had a chance to join school yet. He is no longer able to take part in daily home activities, like grazing their father’s cattle. Ngoitumet undergoes a lot of pain when he walks over a long distance. Through their church and the outreach program at Plaster House, Ngoitumet's family was referred to seek treatment. He has been scheduled for surgery to help correct both of his legs. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare, is requesting $880 to fund corrective surgery for Ngoitumet. The procedure is scheduled to take place on April 20th. Treatment will hopefully restore Ngoitumet's mobility, allow him to participate in a variety of activities, and greatly decrease his risk of future complications. Ngoitumet’s neighbour shared, "Please help this boy as he is having a hard time standing and walking and his parents do not have money to seek treatment for him."

Fully funded

Patience is a 33 year-old mother from Uganda. She is married and has two children studying in the second and third grade. Patience holds a degree in environmental science but was unable to get a job of her qualification, so she now operates a small scale retail shop together with her husband. Patience came to the hospital with severe pain within the right lumbar region for the past three months. Her pain is associated with a backache and she always feels like she has a full abdomen. Patience also experiences pain before and after eating. These problems are complicated by the fact that she is 24 weeks into her pregnancy, and she experiences pregnancy-related complications like persistent vomiting. Nowadays, Patience is unable to bend over or do any heavy-duty house chores. This has hindered her quality of health and, if she is not treated, this may also affect the development of her pregnancy. Doctors diagnosed Patience with an ovarian cyst, which will need to be removed. However, she is unable to afford the cost of her care. Patience's mother-in-law recently passed, and associated costs have impacted the little money their family had. Patience appeals for financial support. Patience will be receiving assistance from our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare. Fortunately, she is scheduled to undergo an ovarian cystectomy on February 2nd. African Mission Healthcare is requesting $220 to cover the total cost of her procedure and care. Once recovered, she will hopefully be free of pain and will be able to proceed with a safe pregnancy. Patience shared, “Please save my life because my health condition is worsening as days go by. I am really worried about my health and pregnancy and hope that once I have this surgery, I will be able to continue with my shop to sustain my family.”

Fully funded