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Talea joined Watsi on September 18th, 2015. 17 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Talea's most recent donation supported Saratt, a cook from Cambodia, to fund a perforated ear drum repair surgery.


Talea has funded healthcare for 6 patients in 4 countries.

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Meet Anibal, a 13-month-old boy from Guatemala who has acute malnutrition. Our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK), introduces him as, “the youngest of five children. The children live together with their parents in a small adobe mud house.” Unfortunately, WK reports, the family does not “have the resources to feed Anibal properly.” As a result, Anibal’s growth has been stunted and he must face other negative consequences. WK explains, “Anibal is suffering from malnutrition and resulting throat and respiratory infections. When Anibal was born he was small and has struggled to grow well ever since. He cries often and used to suffer from bowel spasms.” Furthermore, WK says, “Without intervention, Anibal will continue to lose height and weight, his immune system will become extremely fragile, his physical and brain development will be stunted, and he will be at increased risk of problems such as chronic disease and infections and decreased economic productivity later in life.” With $535 in funding, not only Anibal’s, but also his entire family’s health and quality of life will improve. WK explains, “This treatment will provide Anibal with micronutrient and food supplementation and he will start to recoup the height and weight he has lost. His risk of chronic disease will decrease and his mother will receive the education she needs to supply the best nutrition possible. She will feel confident in her abilities, and perhaps be able to apply what she learns to the health of her next child, thus preventing malnutrition all together.” Treatment will allow Anibal to grow up and pursue the things that he enjoys. WK tells us, “Anibal loves to play with plastic balls and watch his brothers play soccer, which is his family’s favorite sport. His sisters love to play with Anibal too, and they often carry him around on their backs and dance with him in their arms. Anibal’s favorite food is peaches (it’s peach season here!) and his sisters often climb into the trees to pick fruit, so they can all share it.” Anibal’s mother shares, “I am so happy! I want to do all that I can to improve what I can afford and what I can give him.”

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