Edward Kim
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Edward joined Watsi on December 22nd, 2015. 47 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Edward's most recent donation supported Sokha, a rice farmer from Cambodia, to fund cataract removal surgery.


Edward has funded healthcare for 5 patients in 5 countries.

All patients funded by Edward

Originally from Burma, Pa Lel is a 52-year-old housewife and mother of six children who lives in Thailand. She used to work as an agricultural day laborer with her husband and son, but she stopped working two years ago after she was diagnosed with hypertension. When she is not tending to her family or home, she takes care of the piglets that she raises. In early June 2016, Pa Lel went to a wedding ceremony. Returning home after the wedding, she fell on a large stone while trying to cross the road and broke her elbow. Her husband tried to stitch it up, and then they immediately went to the hospital where doctors stabilized her arm. They told her she would need surgery to fix her arm, possibly inserting a metal rod. Currently, Pa Lel is experiencing much pain in her arm. She is not able to move around, cook or clean, or take care of her house and family. She must keep her arm bandaged and splinted so that it stays straight and elevated. The family's income—the combined earnings from Pa Lel's husband, son, and two of her daughters—is just enough to cover their daily expenses but leaves them unable to save money or pay for healthcare. To pay for transportation and other costs associated with getting medical treatment, Pa Lel had to borrow money from her neighbor. For $1,500, Pa Lel will undergo surgery—open reduction and internal fixation—to reposition and set her broken arm and enable proper healing. Funding also covers the costs of seven days of hospital care, including food, blood tests, and medicine. In the future, Pa Lel would like to return to Burma with her family.

Fully funded

Elikadi is a farmer, and was carrying his tea leaves to a collection site. It was a wet afternoon and he slid and fell badly. After the fall, Elikadi went to traditional bone setters, and was referred to a hospital where he got surgery. He was told that after the physical therapy he would be better, but instead nothing has changed. He has had a stiff elbow for four months. Elikadi is a 35-year-old man from Uganda. He is married, and with his wife they have three children. Since the incident, he has been unable to work. This has caused him to change the school that his children were attending, as at the moment he can’t afford to pay the fees for private school. Amidst this pain, Elikadi feels joy when he listens to his children discussing the new things they have learned at school. Elikadi needs surgery—open reduction and internal fixation—to re-position and set the elbow to enable proper healing. Without treatment, “the pain will persist and there is a risk of a permanent bone disability in Elikadi’s elbow,” explains Watsi's medical partner, The Kellermann Foundation (KF). Funding covers the surgery that Elikadi needs, and the cost of his hospital care, including imaging, blood tests, pain relief medicine, antibiotics, and physical therapy. The treatment will cost $429. “It is expected that after the treatment, Elikadi will have easy mobility and will be relieved of the pain,” says KF. “He will be able to work and earn a living.” After the surgery and recovery, Elikadi hopes to continue working and take his children to a better school. “I thank everyone that is supporting my hospital bills," Elikadi shares. "These people supporting us do not know us, and yet share their resources with us."

Fully funded