Suzy Elbow
Suzy's Story

Suzy joined Watsi on September 27th, 2016. 10 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Suzy's most recent donation supported Mom, a housewife from Cambodia, to fund cataract surgery.


Suzy has funded healthcare for 4 patients in 3 countries.

Patients funded by Suzy

Chroeng is a 33-year-old farmer who lives with his wife and son in Cambodia. He enjoys playing football and spending time with his parents. When he was 12 years old, Chroeng developed a bilateral ear infection that caused the tympanic membrane (eardrum) on both sides to perforate. Since then, he has experienced ear pain, discharge, and hearing loss in both ears. After hearing about Children's Surgical Center (CSC) on the radio, Chroeng and his brother traveled for two hours to reach CSC for evaluation. In June of 2016, Chroeng underwent a successful myringoplasty on the right side to repair his torn eardrum. In Chroeng's left ear, however, a cholesteatoma—an abnormal skin growth located behind the eardrum—has developed. Over time, a cholesteatoma can grow large enough to cause hearing loss, dizziness, or facial paralysis. Treatment for Chroeng is a mastoidectomy, a surgical procedure in which doctors remove the diseased cells in the hollow, air-filled spaces in the skull behind the ears. The cells—known as mastoid air cells—are diseased as a result of the chronic ear infections that spread to the skull structures near Chroeng’s left ear. Doctors will also remove the cholesteatoma that has grown behind his eardrum. $842 pays for Chroeng’s surgery as well as two hearing tests, two nights in the hospital, two days of inpatient post-operative care, and medicine. After the mastoidectomy, Chroeng’s left ear discharge and pain will stop. Let's help make that happen.

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