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Casey Bradford

Los Angeles, CA

United States   •

Casey's Story

Casey joined Watsi on November 7th, 2015. 11 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Casey's most recent donation traveled 8,500 miles to support Philomena, a baby girl from Kenya, to fund anorectoplasty surgery.


Casey has funded healthcare for 93 patients in 10 countries.

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Philomena was diagnosed with ARM at birth. With this condition, the little one was found to lack an anal opening and instead was passing stool through her vagina. A few hours after birth, Philomena, one in a set of twins, was noted to have a distended abdomen. The doctor quickly checked on the baby and discovered she lacked an anal opening. To keep Philomena from getting a fistula, the doctors put in a colostomy at three days. Philomena’s parents paid for this through some family savings they had. When they left for home, Philomena’s twin sister developed a persistent cough which was later found to be a hole in the heart. "I have never felt this drained ever in my life. Since I gave birth I am always in hospitals with either one of my two babies,” says Philomena’s mother. Due to lack of finances, Philomena’s parents shared their plight with their church members and one of them advised that they visit Watsi Partner Care Center BethanyKids Hospital. At BethanyKids a surgery to create an anal opening has been recommended. If not treated, Philomena will not lead a normal life and will be forced to use a colostomy for life. The surgery is a cost Philomena’s parents cannot bear. Philomena’s father is a carpenter while her mother closed her grocery store to tend to the children. Together they have five children with three currently in school. With very limited income and having exhausted their savings, Philomena’s parents are not able to raise the funds needed. They had defaulted on paying the national health insurance premiums as they could not keep up, but they’ve been advised to try to maintain this coverage in the future given their family's health needs. “Please help us. It is quite a stressful time for us but we believe we will come from it as victors,” says Philomena’s mother.

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Mai is a 23-year-old woman from Burma. Lway lives with her parents and two sisters in Northern Shan State. Since she was three years old, Mai has suffered from an enlarged thyroid but her parents were able afford to take her to a clinic only when Mai was in grade seven. By then, the lump on Mai's throat has become noticeable. At the clinic, the doctor examined her neck and prescribed her medication. After a month, although Mai felt like her neck was still in the same size as before, the doctor told her that her goiter had been cured. Three years later, Mai's neck started to grow bigger. Having no money in hand, her parents did not take her any clinics although there was a tightness in her throat and it was uncomfortable for Mai to move her neck to the side. In 2018, Mai was selected to attend a training in Mae Sot. After her training, she was put in for an internship at Mae Tao Clinc (MTC). Through an advice from one of her trainers, Mai went to Mae Sot Hospital, where the doctor examined her and prescribe her medications. After three months of taking the medications, the doctor finally told her that she needed a surgery. Mai looks forward to receiving surgery soon. She plans to go back to her native town and work as an assistant health worker, after she has completed her treatment. Mai said, “When I told my parents that BCMF would provide support for my surgery, they’re very happy. They have been worried for me for a long time already. I would like to say a big thank you to BCMF for supporting my surgery. I’m very excited to be freed from this condition. I have suffered from this goiter for a long time!”

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Baraka is a two-year-old boy and the last born child in a family of five children. He is a friendly and playful boy. He has, for the past five months, been having pain in his right pelvis area. At first, his mother noticed he would cry a lot and she didn’t know what was wrong with him. They decided to take him to the nearest dispensary for a check-up but were only given medication without the diagnosis. His parents are small scale farmers and livestock keepers whose income is little and so they were not able to seek further healthcare then. After some time, as Baraka’s mother was giving him a bath he noticed as he cried a swelling would appear around the right side of his pelvis. He showed his father and they started inquiring from friends and relatives of anyone who knew what problem their son was having. It happened one of their neighbour’s child had the same problem and had been treated at our hospital. They advised them to try seeking help here. Baraka has been diagnosed with a right inguinal hernia that needs to be corrected surgically but due to the high cost of the treatment, they are unable to raise the money. They are asking for help. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $539 to fund Baraka's surgery. Once completed, this procedure will hopefully allow him to live more comfortably and confidently. Baraka’s mother says, “Please help my son this problem keeps getting complicated as time goes by.”

100% funded

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