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Thomas joined Watsi on December 17th, 2015. 43 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Thomas' most recent donation supported Folani, a man from Malawi, to fund prostate surgery.


Thomas has funded healthcare for 12 patients in 9 countries.

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Than Dar

Than Dar is a 27-year-old woman who lives in Burma with her parents, her eight-year-old daughter and three-year-old son, and her two sisters. She enjoys listening to music in her free time. Than Dar has been healthy her entire life. However, a month ago she began experiencing abdominal pain and excessive bleeding that prompted her to visit several clinics. Than Dar received a blood test and ultrasound, which she paid for herself, and these exams revealed a uterine mass. After her examinations in April, Than Dar was referred for further care, where another ultrasound confirmed previous reports of the presence of a mass close to the ovary. As a result of her mass, Than Dar is experiencing pain in her lower abdomen and back, tenderness upon pressing the area, and excessive bleeding. She hasn't been able to work for a month but she can help her mother with light household chores. Than Dar is scheduled for surgery to remove her mass, but she requires financial assistance to cover the $1,500 procedure that will eliminate her pain and rid her of future risks associated with the growth. She has been living and working as a shop vendor in Thailand for the past two years. Her work enables her to send money home to support her children and other family members. The family's total income is sufficient for their day-to-day needs and they can pay for minor medical expenses; however, they are unable to put any money away for savings. Than Dar hopes to get back to work to support her children after her surgery. "I want my children to go to school and become educated," she says. "I only completed third grade and I want them to do better. Whatever they decide to do with their lives is fine, as I only want them to be happy with their lives."

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Jon Michelangelo

"It's a desire of every mother to see our children be in good health and happy and to feel accepted in the community, especially by their fellow children," Jon Michelangelo's mother says of her ten-year-old son. Jon lives with his family in the Philippines and was born with a congenital digestive tract malformation, which makes it difficult for him to go to the bathroom normally. Our medical partner, International Care Ministries (ICM), shares, "Jon felt ashamed of his condition. In fact, right now he [has] stopped schooling because his classmates don't want to mingle with him." Jon should be in grade five but has missed a year of schooling because he says the anal malformation makes him feel alone. Despite the setbacks at school, Jon comes from a loving and supportive family. He shares, "I love my family very much, especially my siblings." ICM also points out that "his mother made an effort to pay more attention on Jon Michel to build his self esteem and confidence." As the sole-provider for her family, Jon's mother cannot afford the cost of his surgery. For $965, Jon will receive an operation to repair his intestine and colon so that he can eliminate waste without needing a colostomy. This surgery will allow Jon to return to school with confidence. Jon's mother says, "I am very grateful to know that there are people who have the heart to help the unfortunate like us. I am hoping that my son will be given a chance to live a normal life like other children."

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