Travis Elliott
Travis' Story

Travis joined Watsi on June 30th, 2016. 198 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Travis' most recent donation supported Saitoti, an infant from Tanzania, to fund spinal surgery.


Travis has funded healthcare for 9 patients in 6 countries.

All patients funded by Travis

"I have a dream that she will one day graduate from school and have a career," shares the mother of 20-month-old Rachel. Rachel, who lives in Guatemala with her family, was recently funded on Watsi for her developmental delays. She is a little girl with special needs but, with therapy, has been able to learn how to walk and stand with help. Unfortunately, staff at Watsi's medical partner, Wuqu' Kawoq, have noticed that her strabismus has not improved as she has gotten older, making it necessary for her to have corrective glasses. Children with strabismus have difficulty seeing, headaches, and loss of depth perception if they do not receive treatment while they are still very young. Rachel has strabismus since the muscles in her right eye do not work properly, making her eye drift away from whatever she is looking at. It's important that Rachel gets glasses to correct her problem while she is still very young because she will be much more likely to be cured of her problem, helping her to avoid corrective surgery, and to prevent future vision problems. Rachel is the second daughter in her family. Her family has few resources - her mother works every day to cook, clean, and take care of Rachel and her siblings. She has been unable to get a job because of Rachel's special needs, which requires her to stay at her with her all day. Her father does not have a steady income - he works odd jobs as a driver and an assistant to a bricklayer, but often has weeks without work - leaving them with an average income of only a couple dollars per day. Her family often has trouble affording basics such as food and wood to boil water, so affording life-changing strabismus treatment is a luxury they cannot afford. This treatment, which costs $366, will allow Rachel to see an ophthalmologist in the capital, something which is only available in private hospitals, which do not offer financial support for their patients. She will have custom-made corrective glasses which will train her muscles in her eye to be able to focus correctly, giving her the ability to fixate on objects with both eyes. This treatment will change her life, giving her the ability to one day have normal vision and be successful in school!

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