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Michael joined Watsi on August 2nd, 2013. Three years ago, Michael became the 497th member to automatically support a new Watsi patient every month. Since then, 2,864 more people have become monthly donors! Michael's most recent donation traveled 8,700 miles to support Rosemary, a young woman from Tanzania, to fund tonsil surgery.


Michael has funded healthcare for 43 patients in 11 countries.

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Jose is a seven-month-old boy from Guatemala. He lives with his family in a rural area, where his parents are agricultural workers. He loves playing with his sister, Milgar, and shaking his rattle. His favorite foods are chicken and noodles. When Jose was a newborn, he was unable to breastfeed and received [Watsi funding]( for baby formula. This supplemental intake prevented him from developing severe malnutrition, but he requires further treatment to continue healthy growth. Jose has been diagnosed with malnutrition, which results from consuming too little protein, calories, and vitamins. In the short term, malnutrition means Jose's growth is stunted and his immune system is weak, leaving him vulnerable to illness. If left untreated, he will also face malnutrition’s long-term consequences, such as increased risk of chronic disease, low brain function, and a higher likelihood of dropping out of school. While malnutrition can have devastating effects, it is also very treatable. With growth monitoring and micronutrient and food supplements, Jose will recover. He will gain weight and grow taller, catching up with other children his age. His immune system will grow stronger with the increased caloric intake. Jose is scheduled to begin treatment on January 19. Our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq, is requesting $437 to cover the cost of food and supplements, as well as regular visits from community health workers. "Thank you for caring about Jose's life," his mother says. Treatment will give Jose an opportunity to play, grow, and participate in family life supported by a healthy brain and body.

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