Alejandro Jahzeel Esaú Tapia BuenoMONTHLY DONOR
Alejandro's Story

Alejandro joined Watsi on December 18th, 2015. Six years ago, Alejandro joined our Universal Fund, supporting life-changing treatments for a new Watsi patient every month. Alejandro's most recent donation traveled 9,100 miles to support Ma Kyi, a woman from Burma, to fund heart surgery.


Alejandro has funded healthcare for 12 patients in 9 countries.

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Kyi Soe is a 42-year-old woman who lives with her husband in Burma. Her husband works in construction building houses, and her daughter works as a factory worker in Thailand. When Kyi Soe visited her daughter in Thailand last year, she began to experience intense pain in her abdomen and lower back. Since then, Kyi Soe's symptoms have only gotten worse-- she has been having very heavy bleeding, nausea, and cannot lay down comfortably. Despite her continuing symptoms, Kyi Soe was hesitant to go to a hospital because she knew it would be very expensive. Instead she returned to Burma and visited a local clinic. After a series of tests, the midwife told her that she would need surgery to remove the mass that was in her uterus-- surgery Kyi Soe was unable to afford. So she just left with pain medication, and an expensive medical bill. Kyi Soe had to stop working since her symptoms started. Her husband's income is not enough to even meet their daily needs, so they had to take out loans to pay for her medical bills. But without proper surgery, the mass in Kyi Soe's abdomen may grow and cause further complications. After hearing about Burma Border Projects (BBP) from her daughter's friend, Kyi Soe moved in with her daughter so that she could receive surgery. For $1500, doctors will remove the mass growing in her uterus. This will relieve her pain and other symptoms. Despite the stress that Kyi Soe and her family have had addressing her condition, they are looking forward to her finally receiving proper medical treatment. When she recovers, she will be able to return to living with her daughter in Thailand, where her husband is also hoping to find a job.

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Meet Miyron, a 16-month-old baby boy from Guatemala, and a patient with our medical partner, Wuqu' Kawoq. Miyron lives with his parents and his older sister in a one-room adobe house with a tin roof. Miyron is often playing outside with his toy cars, or eating vegetables, his favorite foods. Miyron is suffering from acute malnutrition--he is over three standard deviations below a normal size for his age. He has not had access to a nutritious diet, leaving him unable to gain weight and develop physically. His mother is worried because he is not growing as well as his older sister. Malnutrition has also weakened his immune system, and he has gotten frequent respiratory infections. In the long term, he could have a low IQ and increased risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease if he does not receive treatment. Unfortunately, his parents do not have the resources to buy their son even one piece of fruit or vegetable every day, making it impossible for him to overcome malnutrition without treatment. His parents both want the best for him, but since their only income is his father's inconsistent work as a day-laborer, they lack the resources to pay for the treatment he needs. $512 funds a multifaceted program to fight malnutrition that will give Miyron's mother the nutrition education and food supplements she needs to help her son grow and develop.This treatment will help his immune system get stronger, allowing him to use the extra calories he's ingesting to grow taller and bigger instead of burning them recovering from frequent respiratory illnesses. Let's help Miyron get back on track!

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