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Temitope joined Watsi on December 18th, 2013. 22 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Temitope's most recent donation supported Mugabo, a boy from Uganda, to fund hernia surgery.


Temitope has funded healthcare for 17 patients in 7 countries.

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Meva is a two-month-old baby girl from Kenya with hydrocephalus, which is a condition caused by the buildup of cerebral spinal fluid in the head. Meva has an increased head size and is irritable. Meva is the last born in a family of three children. A few days after her birth, Meva’s mother noticed she had poor head control, and the size of her head was rapidly increasing. This concerned her, so she decided to seek advice at a nearby hospital. After scans and investigations, the doctors confirmed that Meva had hydrocephalus. If left untreated, she will suffer many complications that can lead to brain damage. The increased pressure inside the skull may cause progressive enlargement of the head and potentially cause mental disability and tunnel vision. The hospital lacked the resources to treat Meva so they were referred to Bethany Kids at Kijabe Hospital. Meva’s family made the long trip to Kijabe where Meva was seen by a Neurosurgery consultant. They were educated on Meva’s condition and informed on the need for surgery. Meva’s parents became distressed when they learned this as they had already spent most of their meager savings on Meva’s medical tests. Meva’s father is a fisherman and her mother stays at home to take care of her children. They live in a single-roomed rental house. They urgently need help to pay for Meva’s operation to help her live a long and healthy life. For $685, Meva will undergo treatment for her congenital hydrocephalus. The procedure will relieve Meva of swelling and pain.

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