Lorne Andersen
Lorne's Story

Lorne joined Watsi on September 12th, 2016. 19 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Lorne's most recent donation supported Bonabaana, an 82-year-old woman from Uganda, to fund a hernia repair.


Lorne has funded healthcare for 3 patients in 3 countries.

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This is Manjit, a 68-year-old father from Nepal, living with his wife in the local village while his son works in India. Our medical partner, Possible, shares that because Manjit's wife suffers from arthritis and has since stopped working in the fields, the couple relies on their son for financial support. In the last few months, Manjit noticed “some swelling on his inguinal region and the area would hurt every time he talked for long, coughed or laughed hard.” Possible states that five years ago, Manjit had been treated for his inguinal hernia, but it seems to have developed again. “Now, he is bedridden most of the time,” and he is unable to remain mobile for long. Manjit’s bilateral hernia results from soft tissue protruding from his abdominal cavity through a weak area in his abdominal muscles. Without treatment, he will continue to remain in bed. To alleviate his pain, Manjit requires a herniorrhaphy, an open hernia repair surgery. A surgeon will make an incision and attempt to rearrange localized tissues, remove the hernia sac, close the weakened muscles with stitches, and insert synthetic material to reinforce the abdominal wall. $491 will cover all surgical and anesthesia costs, in-patient hospital rest, and laboratory work-up. “Because of my wife’s condition, it was already difficult for the two of us to run the house. My hernia has made mobility very difficult for me too--deteriorating our condition,” says Manjit. With this necessary surgery, Possible can prevent Manjit from experiencing future hernia strangulation, relieve his discomfort, and restore him to good health.

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