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United Kingdom

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Mihai joined Watsi on November 5th, 2014. Three years ago, Mihai became the 394th member to automatically support a new Watsi patient every month. Since then, 3,217 more people have become monthly donors! Mihai's most recent donation traveled 4,300 miles to support Kesny, a teenager from Haiti, to fund prep for cardiac surgery.


Mihai has funded healthcare for 42 patients in 10 countries.

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Flora is a 57-year-old woman from Uganda. She and her husband have a small farm, on which they grow cassava, beans, potatoes, and various vegetables for their family. In addition to farming, Flora weaves mats for domestic use. In her free time, she enjoys teaching her grandchildren to do domestic chores and attending church. She has two children living at home. Seven months ago, Flora was knocked down by a motorcycle when she was walking along the side of a road. She sustained a left Barton’s fracture—a fracture of the arm bone (radius) that attaches to the wrist below the thumb. Her wrist was set in a cast, but it has not healed well, and joint ankylosis (stiffness) has set in. Her injury has made it difficult for her to work on the farm. Flora's doctors recommend that she undergo a surgical procedure known as open reduction and internal fixation to reposition and set the broken bone. This surgery is only available at our medical partner's care center, Bwindi Community Hospital, once a year when visiting specialists are available at the hospital. Flora's husband earns some money from his role as a catechist in church, but the income is not enough to pay for her treatment and provide for the family. As a result, Flora needs help raising $496 to pay for her surgery, ten-day hospital stay, lab tests, and medicine. Her surgery is scheduled for March 27. After surgery, Flora hopes to have full function of her hand again so she can work in her garden and resume farming. "I thank the donors for all of their support in helping me have this surgery," says Flora. "Without the help, I would not be able to afford it."

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