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Jake Cottrill

Jake's Story

Jake joined Watsi on September 10th, 2016. 9 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Jake's most recent donation supported John, a teenager from Kenya, to fund burn repair surgery.


Jake has funded healthcare for 10 patients in 7 countries.

All patients funded by Jake


Three weeks ago, three-year-old Stuart, a little boy from Uganda, fell and broke his lower leg while his mother, Aida, was working in the fields. She took him to local healers because she couldn’t afford to go to the hospital, and they did some cutting on his leg to relieve the swelling, but it did not help. When Stuart started to get feverish, Aida thought he might have malaria so she took him to the local health center where he was given medication for malaria, but that didn’t help either. When her cousin came to visit he saw that it was very serious and encouraged Aida to take him to the hospital, where Aida learned that Stuart had fractured his leg. Stuart is one of six children to Aida and Benon, both of whom are small farmers. Benon is gone a lot so Aida does most of the farming to grow food for her family. On her own land she grows potatoes, maize, cassava, and beans. She also works for others to earn extra cash for household items like soap and cooking oil. When he is feeling good, Stuart enjoys running and playing with his brothers and sisters and tries to help his mother by washing the utensils. His favorite foods are rice and beans and goat. Their family needs $138 to fund Stuart's treatment. Stuart will be hospitalized for several days before his leg is set while the swelling reduces and the doctors check his fracture to make sure there is no other infection. Then, once the leg is set and healed, the swelling will subside and Stuart will be able to return to running around and playing with his siblings. Aida would like to say “webare” (thank you) to all those who are helping her. “I didn’t know there was a program like Watsi to help me. I am very grateful,” she shares.

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