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Joseph is a five-year-old boy and the youngest of three children in his family in the Philippines. He is a quiet, shy, and sweet boy who loves to play with other kids his age, running, skipping, and playing marbles. He lives with his mother, who earns a small, unstable income as a networking sales agent. His older siblings are in high school and college. When Joseph was still a small boy, his mother observed that one of his testicles was missing, but she did not take him for a medical check-up because of the family's limited finances. He was later diagnosed with cryptorchidism, a condition in which the testicle does not descend into the scrotum. In male infants, both testes usually move down into the scrotum just prior to birth. However, in some infants, one or both testes may stop along the path to the scrotum, pausing in the abdomen or groin before continuing to the scrotum within a few months. For those infants whose testes do not descend by four months of age, surgery is required. On May 18, Joseph will undergo surgery to move the undescended testicle into the scrotum. During the procedure—known as orchidopexy—a surgeon makes an incision in the scrotum or groin, detaches the testis and cord from surrounding tissues, manipulates the testis into the scrotum, and sutures it into place. Watsi's medical partner, International Care Ministries (ICM), requests $826 to pay for transportation to and from Zamboanga Del Norte Medical Center, doctors' fees, medicine, and food for Joseph's care. "I am so worried about my son​'s​ condition, for he is getting older and older, and if it is not treated, ​I am afraid it will turn into a more complicated disease," shares Joseph's mother. "Please help us in his surgery, and it is my honor and great privilege to receive the ​help you will be giving us. My only wish that my son will grow normally with no disease that could threaten his life and future." Joseph, who attends a jumpstart school sponsored by ICM, wants to be a pediatric surgeon when he grows up. He wants to operate on children with conditions like his. Let's help fund surgery for a future doctor!

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