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Patients at Gov Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital Keep Mindy

Samuel is 38 years old and from the Philippines. He is a loving and hardworking husband and father to three children. One of his goals as a father is to see all three of his children finish their schooling and get good jobs. A few years ago, Samuel began to experience pain in his groin and swelling in his lower abdominal area. Since then, he has been unable to lift heavy objects and perform strenuous activities, making his job as a farmer difficult. With his family depending on him, Samuel decided that he would continue to work. Due to their limited income, Samuel did not pursue treatment right away. However, with the help of his wife, Samuel was connected with our medical partner, International Care Ministries. Samuel shares, "I thought I would not be given a chance to have the surgery and would have this condition for life, but amazingly because of prayers this great opportunity comes. You are the answer to our prayers." After a series of consultations and tests, Samuel discovered that he had an inguinal hernia, a condition in which an organ protrudes through weakened muscle, and a hydrocele, which had been causing the swelling. He is scheduled to receive reparative surgery for both conditions on February 2. After receiving treatment, Samuel will be able to work with ease again and provide for his family without having to worry about his condition. "I am so thankful that you came along, and I consider you a great blessing to our family. After the surgery and when I fully recover, I will work well for my family, and spend quality time with my children and wife," says Samuel. "We are looking forward to a successful surgery."

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This is Prince, a very active and playful five-year-old boy. He loves to jump and run to and fro at school; sometimes, even at home! He lives with his loving parents, a sister, and two other brothers in a mountainous area of their local town. Prince had recently felt pain in his inguinal area when he played and ran too fast. The pain forced him stop at the corner and cry. At a sponsored community event, Prince's mother had her sons screened for medical conditions. Both Prince and his brother were diagnosed with conditions that require immediate medical attention. Prince's father is the sole breadwinner of the family and can barely sustain their everyday needs as it is. Prince is in need of a hydrocele repair. Watsi's medical partner, International Care Ministries, can help provide him the necessary surgeons, medications, and respite for the operation. $465 will cover costs for surgery, during which a surgeon will make an incision where the hernia is located, repair the abdominal wall with mesh, and reposition the intestinal muscles. Prince's parents share, "As a parent, you want your child to live normally and happily. Unfortunately, our two boys have this condition that prevents them from enjoying their childhood. We are very worried about them, but we cannot do anything because our finances are limited. We are thankful that there are people who are able to help us. Thank you in behalf of our two boys and the whole family." Our financial support will relieve Prince of his pain and provide comfort to a loving family.

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