Campaign FAQ

When can I launch campaigns?

Anytime! You can start a campaign for a wedding, graduation, marathon, party, or even to replace your holiday gifts. Visit the page here and we’ll get you setup.

How do I create a campaign?

Visit this page to create your campaign - it’s quick and easy! We just need a few things: a campaign name, a mission statement, an end date, and a background photo.

How does a campaign work?

You get your own fundraising page on Watsi to celebrate a special occasion. Your friends and family don’t have to worry about finding you the perfect gift. Instead, they wish you congratulations on your wedding, graduation, or latest 5K by supporting a cause you care about. When your campaign is over, you choose the patients your campaign supports. Everyone who donated receives an email introducing them to the patients they helped fund.

What happens with the money I raise?

100% of the money raised funds healthcare for patients on Watsi. Once the campaign is over you’ll get a Watsi gift card for the full amount you raised. You can use the gift card to choose the patients your campaign supports. If you don’t use the gift card within 90 days, we’ll choose the patients for you.

Can I match donations to my campaign?

Yes! Just create a new campaign and then ask us to enable matching at [email protected].

Can I see examples of successful campaigns and the patients they helped?

Yes! Check out Chris’ Kilimanjaro Hike or Mackinnon’s Big Ol’ 40th Birthday campaigns. We hope you’ll add your own campaign to the life-changing list.

What should I write for my mission statement?

The mission statement is your chance to tell your friends and family what you’re celebrating, why you’ve chosen Watsi, what your goals are, and what they can expect after donating. Here’s an example from a recent campaign:

I’m turning 30! I feel lucky to have reached this birthday in good health with great friends and family. This year, I want to do something different to celebrate.

Watsi is one of my favorite non-profits. It enables anyone to directly fund life-changing healthcare for people around the world. All I want for my 30th birthday is to raise $3,000 for patients in need of care. If you chip in, 100% of your donation will fund healthcare. When my campaign is over, I’ll get to distribute all the money we raised to patients, and you’ll get an update on the people we supported together.

Thanks for the support!

What photos do I need?

You’ll need to provide a high quality landscape photo for the campaign page. We also encourage you to add a profile photo, which will show up on the campaign page. If you’re not already a registered donor on Watsi, you’ll need to create an account here.

How can I reach my goal?

By reaching out to your friends and family via email, social media, and carrier pigeon, you can easily reach your goal! Here’s a sample schedule for a three day campaign:

Day 1 (first day)
  • Send emails to friends and family letting them know what you’re doing and linking to your campaign page.
  • Post about your campaign on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Watch your first donations come in!
Day 2
  • Personally thank people who have donated so far – you can do this via email, or, even better, tag them on Facebook or mention them on Twitter!
Day 3 (last day)
  • Send an update on the campaign’s progress and remind people that it’s the last day to donate. Encourage people to share even if they can’t donate.
  • Watch the final donations come in. Celebrate your impact!
Day 4
  • Personally thank all remaining donors.
  • Use the gift card we send you to choose the patients your campaign supports.
  • Everyone who donated to your campaign will get an update from Watsi on the patients you chose.
  • Send an email to everyone from day 1 with a link to your completed campaign, and thank them for their support. Post about your completed campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Give us your feedback!

If you’re looking for other creative ways to promote your campaign, here are a few ideas:

  • Add a link to your campaign in your email signature.
  • Change your Facebook profile and cover photos to be about your campaign. Link to your campaign from the captions.
  • Hold an event in real life! Past campaign creators have used birthday parties, bake sales, and yoga classes to raise awareness.