Together we made the world
healthier in 2020

In the face of COVID-19, we sustained life-changing healthcare
and grew to reach more patients in need

2,021 patients now have a brighter future
That's an average of 6 Watsi patients each day

We showed up for patients young and old

from birth all the way to 90 years

Patient Spotlight

Meet Bravin, a cheerful four-year-old from Kenya

Bravins’ mother could not hide her smile after 18 people came together to fund his arm surgery. She said, “I am short of words to thank you and all who helped me. I don’t know what would have happened to my son. Now I am happy to see him happy with no pain, and have regained my hopes of his bright future.”

See Bravin's story

Patients accessed care for over 100 conditions

The most common conditions range from cataracts to heart defects

Labor and Delivery
Thyroid Conditions
Hearing Conditions
Club Foot
Burn Contracture
Heart Defects

In 2020, 22 partner care centers provided treatment for patients

From Haiti to Cambodia, our partners operated across the world

Watsi was a lifeline as the world faced COVID-19

“Our donors and doctors from overseas are still not able to offer much financial support so we have been even more reliant on Watsi to support our patients. In such an uncertain time we are so grateful for Watsi’s support so we can continue to help Cambodians access safe surgery."
- Sieng Heng, Children's Surgical Centre, Cambodia
"In 2020 we received the highest number of patients compared to previous years. A lot of patients are struggling with treatable conditions that negatively impact their quality of life. Thanks to Watsi's generous and continuous support these lives have been greatly transformed. Despite COVID, we were able to still operate and, most importantly, provide comfort to our patients."
- Beth Wangigi, African Mission Healthcare, Kenya

patient spotlight

Meet Kakada, a seventh grader who loves to play soccer with his friends

For years, Kakada has had difficulty breathing, talking, and swallowing, even making it hard for him to go to school. After his tonsil surgery, he proudly said, ”I am excited that my teachers will be able to hear my strong voice again.”

See Kakada's story

Donations traveled an average of 7,547 miles (that's 12,146km)

That's the distance of 95,635,584 thermometers laid end-to-end

Farthest Donation Traveled
10,583 miles / 17,032km
Irina & Ivan in Chile
Ei in Burma
Feb 17, 2020
Shortest Donation Traveled
234 miles / 377km
Robin in Thailand
Nay in Thailand
Nov 29, 2020

Patient Spotlight

Meet Saw Eh, a refugee from Burma

Saw Eh went foraging for bamboo shoots and suddenly needed emergency surgery so he could walk again. He told us, “I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I wouldn’t have received proper treatment for my right leg.”

See Saw Eh's story

On average, $524 is needed to provide healthcare for a patient

Our transparency* shows how each dollar of patient funds is spent


*We also share up-to-date financials all year on our Transparency Document

Our medical partners provided end-to-end care

Often, partners provided healthcare that went above and beyond treatment

When patients don't have access to healthcare, medical partners request funding from Watsi to provide treatment.
Whether by tuk tuk, motorbike, or bus, when patients can't make it to the hospital, medical partners work to provide transportation for patients.
Food & Lodging
When patients need to stay for extended periods of treatment, medical partners strive to provide food and lodging.
3,273 donors came together
with an average donation of $47.54

Our community joined in from all over the world

Donors from over 60* countries funded healthcare in 2020

*Data might not include all donation origins. Some donors prefer their anonymity. We respect that 😉

Together we raised $1.12 million for patients

1,895 of you joined in to #GiveTheGiftOfHealth in December

Help make 2021 a year of good health

Join our Universal Fund to support
a new Watsi patient every month.

100% of your donation funds life-changing healthcare.