Watsi at Stony Brook University is comprised of college students that are passionate about helping other people receive the health care they need. Our club chose to support Watsi because we admire the effort and overall work they put to help patients around the world. Watsi’s transparency is also something to admire because we know where the donations are going and we get updates from the patients we have funded. The transparency and patient updates we receive make all the hard work worth it.

With the full awareness of the lack and the need of improvements for healthcare worldwide, we believe that everyone should have access to health care. Our passion dwells in the idea that teamwork makes the dream work.

Our club’s goal is to help raise awareness of the importance of helping each other out, especially in terms of healthcare. We hold fundraisers every semester and use 100% of the proceeds to donate to patients via the Watsi website. Adopting Watsi’s mission as our own, our club’s motto is “to fund low-cost, high-impact medical care around the world”.

PATIENTS Watsi at Stony Brook University HAS FUNDED

Giovani is a one-year-old boy who lives with his parents and one older sibling. His mother works as a local roadside vendor, selling fruits, and his father, who is unemployed, is making dedicated efforts to secure a job to support his family. In addition to his job search, he has taken up poultry farming, involving the production and sale of chickens and eggs, so that he can contribute to the family's income. In April 2023, Giovani, while exploring alone in the kitchen, came upon a pot of hot soup. He immersed both of his arms in the pot, and sustained severe burns on his hands. His parents rushed him to the local hospital, where Giovani stayed for the next two months, while he received treatment for his wounds. Although he was eventually discharged after his wounds had healed, Giovani's hands had sustained significant skin damage. Despite facing financial constraints, Giovani’s father remained determined to find a solution for his child’s condition. While inquiring about a suitable location to receive treatment for his son, he encountered the parents of one of our former patients, who directed him to our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare and the Plaster House. Following a thorough evaluation, the medical team diagnosed Giovani with burn scar contractures, affecting both of his hands. Four months later, Giovani was evaluated by a plastic surgeon, who devised a surgical treatment plan to address Giovani's inability to use his fingers to grasp objects - a result of the burn contractures. Giovani's parents are reaching out to you for assistance, to ensure that their son receives the appropriate medical care he requires. Fortunately, African Mission Healthcare is helping Giovani receive the care that he needs. On August 16th, surgeons will perform a burn contracture release surgery, to improve his hands’ functionality and appearance. Now, their family needs help to fund this $874 procedure. Giovani’s father says: “I wish to see my son enjoying playing with his toys. We hope this treatment will be a big change from his current situation.”

Fully funded