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Bona's treatment was fully funded on July 17, 2021.
June 15, 2021

Bona is a fun-loving two-year-old boy. He lives with his two older sisters and his parents, who are both garment workers. Bona is too young for school, but he plays with his sisters and their friends every day.

Bona has ptosis in his right eye. Ptosis occurs when the eyelid droops over the eye. This condition makes it difficult for him to see, and he often feels uncomfortable playing with other children.

Bona’s family traveled to our medical partner’s care center to receive treatment. On June 15th, surgeons at our medical partner, Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC), will perform an eyelid correction procedure to improve his vision. Now their family needs help to raise $314 to fund this procedure.

Bona’s mother shared, “I hope that this surgery can help him be ready for school, and make it easier for him to read in the future. I also want him to play easily and make friends.”

Bona is a fun-loving two-year-old boy. He lives with his two older sisters and his parents, who are both garment workers. Bona is too young ...

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Bona's Timeline

  • June 15, 2021

    Bona was submitted by Sieng Heng at Children's Surgical Centre.

  • June 15, 2021

    Bona was scheduled to receive treatment at Kien Khleang National Rehabilitation Centre in Cambodia. Medical partners often provide care to patients accepted by Watsi before those patients are fully funded, operating under the guarantee that the cost of care will be paid for by donors.

  • June 16, 2021

    Bona's profile was published to start raising funds.

  • July 17, 2021

    Bona's treatment was fully funded.


    Awaiting Bona's treatment update from Children's Surgical Centre.

Funded by 3 donors

Funded by 3 donors

  • Cost Breakdown
  • Diagnosis
  • Procedure
On average, it costs $314 for Bona's treatment
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  • Symptoms
  • Impact on patient's life
  • Cultural or regional significance

​What kinds of symptoms do patients experience before receiving treatment?

Ptosis is a drooping eyelid that obstructs vision. The patient can experience blurred vision and tearing.

​What is the impact on patients’ lives of living with these conditions?

Untreated ptosis can lead to amblyopia, or lazy eye, which can lead to permanent decreased vision or blindness.

What cultural or regional factors affect the treatment of these conditions?

Ptosis may occur more frequently in Cambodia due to higher incidence of trauma. Congenital ptosis is associated with other syndromic conditions affecting Cambodian children, which may occur in part from environmental exposures.

  • Process
  • Impact on patient's life
  • Risks and side-effects
  • Accessibility
  • Alternatives

What does the treatment process look like?

The kind of ptosis repair a patient requires is determined by the degree of eyelid drooping and the cause of the ptosis. Sometimes, the excess skin from the upper eyelid can simply be shortened. Sometimes, the connective tissues and ligaments of the eyelid muscles need to be repaired. In the case of congenital ptosis, a connection with the forehead musculature needs to be fashioned.

What is the impact of this treatment on the patient’s life?

Patients no longer experience obstructed vision. This improvement is very important for children, who are at risk of developing amblyopia.

What potential side effects or risks come with this treatment?

Ptosis surgery is relatively successful and low-risk. In some cases, a second procedure is needed if the tissues continue to degenerate.

How accessible is treatment in the area? What is the typical journey like for a patient to receive care?

There are not many sites in Cambodia that offer this surgery to patients who cannot pay.

What are the alternatives to this treatment?

When ptosis affects the visual field, surgery is the only available treatment.

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Tuhirweomugisha is a farmer and a 45-year-old mother of 4 children. All of her children are in school and she is the only provider for the family after losing her husband in 2002. Tuhirweomugisha has been working primarily as a small scale farmer and also is weaving of local baskets and mats to earn extra income. 11 months ago, Tuhirweomugisha has been experiencing lower abdominal and back pain, poor appetite, along with other symptoms. She has been diagnosed with premalignant cervical lesion, which has the potential of turning into cancer if not treated. Tuhirweomugisha had initially gone to a hospital near her home where surgery recommended. However, the cost was very high and her only option was to sell her only piece of land, compromising her source of income which her children's futures depend on. Instead, Tuhirweomugisha turned to our medical partner's care center, Nyakibale Hospital. After review, she was diagnosed with the premalignant lesion and requires a total abdominal hysterectomy to remove her uterus in order to suppress chances of the lesion turning cancerous and affecting her quality of life. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare (AMH), is requesting $219 to fund Tuhirweomugisha's surgery. On June 22nd, she will undergo gynecological surgery at our medical partner's care center. Once recovered, Tuhirweomugisha will be able to resume her daily activities with ease. Tuhirweomugisha hopes to return to her responsibilities soon, “I have failed to raise money for my hospital bill on my own and I hope that with your support, I will be able to regain my health and continue working hard through farming to provide for my children.”

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Meet another patient you can support

100% of your donation funds life-changing surgery.