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Priyanka is 12-year-old girl from Nepal who suffered severe burns when she was 6 months old. She now has a post-burn scar contracture, a tightening of the skin that occurs after a third degree burn.

Priyanka is very smart – her favorite subject is Nepali, but the contracture restricts her movement, making it difficult for her to study, write, or even eat. It also impacts her social life. Priyanka told her doctors that she has no friends because she is “ashamed to befriend people.”

Fortunately, Priyanka’s condition can be treated through surgery.

Priyanka has an older brother who is 13 and a younger sister who is 11. Her father works in Mumbia, India, and hasn’t been home for five years. Her mother works on other people’s farms, but struggles to make enough money to support the family.

We need to make sure that Priyanka’s family’s financial situation doesn’t stand in the way of her getting the medical treatment she needs. Let’s do this!

Priyanka's Timeline

  • December 02, 2012

    Priyanka's profile was published to start raising funds.

  • December 05, 2012

    Priyanka's treatment was fully funded.


    Awaiting Priyanka's treatment update from Possible.

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