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Keshar is a 2-year old boy from Nepal with a life-threatening hernia. Hernias are easily repaired by moving the area of tissue that moved out of place back to the space where it should be. However, it is absolutely essential that they are corrected early. Keshar’s doctors are worried that his hernia might become strangulated (stop receiving blood flow). This could result in dead tissue and potentially kill him.

Keshar’s father is a farmer. His mother works in the home. The family lives off of the food they grow on the farm and makes money by selling extra milk or crops. Neither of Keshar’s parents had the opportunity to go to school, but they are sending all four of their children to school. They believe that with an education, Keshar will get a good job and rise above the circumstances he was born into.

Keshar’s parents cannot afford the surgery he needs to repair his hernia. Let’s help them out and make sure their son has a shot at the bright future he deserves.

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