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When Tapendra was 10-months-old, his hand was badly burned in a fire, and he has not regained full use of it since. Tapendra is now 14 and has difficulty holding anything, which, despite his intelligence, makes school a major challenge because he can’t hold a book open or grip a pencil like the rest of his classmates.

Tapendra lives with his parents, who make a modest living working on other people’s land, and his two sisters. Our Medical Partner tells us that Tapendra is “acutely aware of his family’s poverty” and “wants to get a university degree in math and work very hard in an office so that he can earn enough money to solve his family’s financial problems.”

Tapendra’s doctors have identified him as a great candidate for what they say will be “life-changing” reconstructive surgery, but his family cannot afford to pay for his medical expenses.

Let’s raise the money Tapendra needs to get surgery. He deserves it!

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